A Potential V/C....

I discovered some random video coverage shot from my basic Canon point and shoot camera that was buried on my external hard drive.  I'm by no means a video chronicler, but rather a photographer.  However, I do know with my Canon 7D that the video quality is superb and feature block buster Hollywood movies and some pretty rad environmental documentaries are made on it too. I just found myself "experimenting" with the feature to catch a wee glimpse of the inside real culture that you wouldn't get otherwise.  One of my favorite places to explore in Tokyo is the Tsukuji Fish Market (Tsukiji Market).  I LOVE to wander into fish markets anywhere in my travels, something with it reminisces with my Maine childhood and living on the coast.  The best part of exploring Tsukuji is that you got to get up bright and early before sunrise to see the real charm & beauty of this place.  It's best to get there anytime from 4:30-7:00 AM to catch a glimpse of the famous Pacific Bluefin Tuna Auction.  I think most were caught off the coast of New Zealand near Antarctica and frozen at sea.  Also, since it's a working fishmarket, just use caution while wandering around cos heavy machinery is being used. Also, there's endless stalls selling a wide variety of seafood. In Japanese culture the fresher the fish the more expensive it is. The best part of the morning is to get breakfast afterwards at the many food stands outside, selling everything from udon to sushi.  Also, there are some pretty cool shops selling chef knifes and ceramics just to name a few items worth exploring as well.

A video I filmed one morning while at the famous fish auction.

Bluefin Tuna line the auction area.

It takes more than one person to fillet the tuna.

Wow, that's a big fillet...
Chef knifes are a prize art in Japan!
A yummy bowl of seafood tempura udon for breakfast!

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