Kuiu Island

Linda Holding Banana Slugs
Tongass National Forest
As John Muir said, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” I set out for uncharted territory today on a wee bit of an expedition to shore in the Bay of Pillars on Kuiu Island located in Chattham Strait. They bay has a rich lush green appeal to it with snow capped mountains for a beautiful mid spring day in Southeast Alaska with the sun coming from the clouds to make a wee appearance. I set ashore to take part in a guest hike on a part of Kuiu Island that no one (as in the naturalist for Lindblad Expeditions) has set foot on.  A wee bit of bushwalking threw the western hemlock & Sitka Spruce trail that was filled with moss & lichens. The vegetation was a healthy lush green.  I was lucky enough to see Linda, a naturalist for Lindbald Expeditions, find a couple of banana slugs & put them in her hands to explain the characteristics of them to the group.  I found out that they carry both male & female genes.  The forest was great today.  I especially enjoyed my time away from the boat soaking up some of the rich pure Alaskan fresh air to rejuvenate my spirits.  I didn’t come across any bears, but found a fee moose droppings & found out the moose is in the deer family.  It’s been a lovely day to explore the richness of the Tongass National Forest.

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