Pavlof Harbor

Pavolf Harbor at Low Tide
"The Alaskan View"
Off the northeast coast of Chichagof Island is a highly scenic little bay known as Pavlof Harbor.  It was originally named Gavan Pavlof or Paul’s Harbor by Russian fur traders in the mid-nineteenth century, the harbor is very small & the Sea Bird seeks shelter near the entrance to the freshwater bay, a much larger inlet which cuts deeply into Chichagof Island.   The area was very important to fur traders & explores due to the easily accessed water supply.  The island site has a low waterfall on the river, which has been modified to include a fish weir where salmon would run upstream later in the season to spawn.  The Alaskan Department of Fish &Wildlife’s biologist count the salmon run later in the summer season.  The guest hike this morning was quite enjoyable with Linda as we walked along the beach into the forest along the trail where we saw an animal skeleton remains with fur still on it & not to forget to mention that I saw brown bear tracks too.  The walk threw the sea grass to the salmon harbor was enjoyable & peaceful to enjoy the blue sky & sunshine.  At that point is where the water turns from seawater to freshwater with the waterfall flowing fresh water into the river that leads into the bay.  Around the bend the trail was a wee bit muddy threw the forest to a beautiful opening of Pavlof Lake with snow capped mountains in the background for your “real Alaskan” moment.  It was nice to take a few minutes at this point in the hike to experience the beauty of the scene.  When we got back to the beach, I noticed that the low tide at the beach was filled with starfish (sea stars) & shells.  Overall it was another beautiful Alaskan moment with the sunshine to enhance it & to appreciate the beauty of the Last Frontier.
I'm Holding A Starfish

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