Run of The Mill...

Veggie Burger & Beer
When you think of the cities on the Saco River, the slums of Biddeford & Saco comes to mind that once were the old factory Franco American cites of the turn of the century.  Well, things are moving on up in the neck of the woods with the the old Westward Peppermill textile miles being converted into fabulous art galleries, a train station, apartments, indoor farmer's market & not to forget a brew pub.  Like all British style Public Houses a well selected hand crafted brews are on tap with not to forge the American style public houses with booths rather than tables.  The Run of the Mill in Saco was quite tasty for a change.  I was quite impressed.  I had a couple of the Impact IPA's that claimed that it was a West Coast version of the classic IPA, not bad in deed & you can tell that it was fresh & locally made. For a started the fried calamari was tasty & the veggie burger was quite tasty for a main.  I couldn't believe that it was actually made from scratch rather than the Garden Burger ones that you get from the freezer & cook to order. Honestly, it was huge with lentils, potatoes, carrots, black beans & red peppers with spices of course, the avocado made it too. Not to forget classic hand cut home made french fries to go with it.  Over all The Run of the Mill was a good find. A good bang for the buck & a lovely evening out in the Saco area!

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