Happy Halloween

Scary Ghosts
Dead End Cemetary
Trick or Treat. Think, Jason, Freddie Kruger, Pumpkins, Ghosts, Batman, etc...the list is endless for costumes.  "All I want is C A N D Y! " There's a great place for that in the Kennebunks.  Summer Street, which is famous for the old ship captain mansions & homes, is the place to go score the best candy in the Kennebunks.  I never went as a kid, but I have heard numerous stories of the piles upon piles of candy that people have got while visiting Summer Street.  Each Halloween season the street is the place to go. The houses are very festive with spooky decorations all over them.  Some have a haunted house too! Happy Hallow's Eve!

House Covered in Jack o Lanters

House Covered in Spiders

RIP Truck & Burial Ground

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