Onsen Action in Florida

The Original Fountain of Youth
Onsens are a thing that I quite enjoyed about living in Japan. An afternoon at the spa is good for the soul with all the healing powers of the minerals in the waters.  I was shocked to find such a place in Sunny Florida.  I learned from history lessons as a kid that Ponce de Leon was in search for a Fountain of Youth while he explored Florida and claimed it for Spain during the 16th century. However the actual spot was in St Augustine, but in North Port at the Warm Mineral Springs they also claimed that it was the original Fountain of Youth that Ponce de Leon founded. It's really a good question on which one is the real one. Kinda like the argument if Columbus actually discovered America.  On that one you can claimed that the Native Americas did, but for European exploration he probably did. Now the myth has been around for centuries from cultures having it to numerous explores going out & circumnavigate half of the world to find the exlictor to life for the secret beauty of forever young. Apparently, every country with some geothermo activity claims the fame of the myth.  It's just one of those universal myths when you look at it closely.
The "Swimming Hole"
The spring is always an average 87 degrees Fahrenheit at the Warm Mineral Springs.  It was made US National Register of Historical Places back in 1977.  The cool fact about the spa is that divers have found a "burial ground" for the prehistoric residential community of nearby Little Salt Spring back in the 1980's. It also had the remains of more than twenty Paleoindians have been found in the sinkhole that can be traced back 12,000 years ago.  The archaeologist team also found bones of seceral Pleistocene animals such as a giant ground sloth, a sabertoothed cat, a horse and a camelid. There was also an 11,000 year old human skeleton in a fetal position.  It could be the oldest know intentioanl
burial ground in North America.  For more of the history of the dives & the archeological content, check out Warm Mineral Springs.  The spa does have quite the history far more than its founding back in the 1960's where it was turned into a spa. It's Ponce de Leon's original fountain of youth.
People from all over the world are known to make a pilgrimage here. There are fifty-one healing, nourishing, essential minerals in the lake that is far more highly concentrated than any other spring in America. The water even flows out the Gulf of Mexico by a river from the lake too & nourishes the ocean. There are numerous exercise classes from yoga to zumba. An excellent organic cafe, spa that offers treatment from pedicures to acupuncture, a shop that sells products made from the spring & of course a dip in the mineral springs is the big highlight for the many visitors daily to the springs. This place does have some amazing healing powers for sure.  Just forget about what your brain has told you to think about things when visiting the place & let it go, really just let it go, it doesn't serve you here. Lead from the heart & turn on those senses that allow you to go deeper than what the mind is telling you. Go on, you can do it. Just take a dance and see where it goes.
I have been to the famous Spa World of Japan & I quite loved my time there.  It was a wee bit pricier than the other onsens that I went to in Japan.  It was fun tho cos it has either an Asian or European  theme spa for the men or women.  Yes, the bath houses are sex segregated in Japan and you must bath before going in.  It's part of the culture. Just get over the fear, jump in & embrace it. It's my advise to the weary traveler. Also the Tabacon Hot Springs in Costa Rica are also a favorite. Best advise it to take a day trip tour from San Jose up there because the cost is equal to the entry when you get there which doesn't include the lunch/dinner at the spa.  If you go on your own, it's optional & more pricier.
It does cost $20 for the admission price at the Warm Mineral Springs and that includes a dip in the springs and all the exercise classes for the day. Don't be alarm if English isn't the first language you hear because North Port is a rich Slavic community in Florida that you will hear different dialectics at the spa. They do feature perigios at the cafe as an entree too. It really is an European style spa for sure. The admission price doesn't include the treatment or food at the cafe. However, the cafe has excellent wheatgrass shots & a flowerless chocolate torte cake, that screams yum after a day at the spa. But really, does the cost of things will make you be  more happy than you are actually are, not necessarily. Just be happy & embrace the present moment on what it has. Your on an adventure here & your doing something good for yourself.  Like Buddha said "happiness is our birthright" go on & remind yourself to make that happen more in your life.  A spa day is definitely an amazing experience. Just remember "money can't buy your love", like the Beatles said.  Go on & have an amazing time & enjoy your journey.

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