Through The Looking Glass...

Just recently, I heard a story how when Gandhi died he only owned the clothes on his back. I thought that was pretty remarkable to be so free & to calibrate at such a high level. It’s a beautiful thing honestly.
I have been thinking on what I’m experiencing right now is kind of like what Neo in the Matrix was going through. Purging the stuff that no longer serves you. Well, I have been using numerous methods to get through “the rabbit hole” these days. On all three levels, I am doing this work that is being called to me. My list is endless from meditation, therapy, acupuncture, reading, yoga, music, changing my diet, etc, etc, etc…Really, this list is always changing with new things that I have found that will work. Alternative things do work for me the best. Honestly, labels don’t matter here, what matters is that I’m just doing the work to get me through it. Making healthy choices. Yes, it’s about making healthy choices that will promote the better outcome.
I feel like I’m stuck in the “cave” analog of Plato’s Republic more or less. I was hooked into reading an amazing book recently, Power vs Force-The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior by David R. Hawkins, MD PhD. I found my way to the book by listing to numerous Hay House World Summit Talks that just kept on referencing it. I was just drawn to it, you could say.  The concept was nothing new to me. I feel as if I first really heard of the study was in a political philosophy course while in university. Basically, everything has some type of energy to it. To raise your vibrations you must seek out the higher source, let go of the stuff from the past. As you move ahead in life, it’s about letting go of the systems that no longer serve you. It’s best to say that you are letting go of what your “hamster” (as a friend of mine calls it) are always telling you. It’s about being in the moment; living in the now & the choices that you have is yours, no one else. It’s pretty simple, but in fact the world does have numerous choices out there for us. It’s about becoming still & letting stillness from the source speak. Listen to what is being said. Really listen & take that as a sign to change your life for the better, in a much more consciousness awareness. Listen to the voices & they will guide you. 
I’ve been thinking about random memories from my travels recently. I’ve begun to see them in a new light so to speak. Yes, Japan is on my mind for a lot of reasons. I learned how to live in Japan. I just recalled some memories that have been blocked for quite a bit of time like my last karaoke session, numerous crazy parties with my fellow Shimane JET’s, internationalization with Scottish Dancing  & one of my students asking me to teach her how to dance during an English lesson a few days latter cos she saw the performance on NHK, speaking English to my neighbor that was also was one of my students & her sweet grandmother that was always so active that gave me an appreciation of the elders, some crazy adventures, to appreciating the beauty of Shinji-ko when I would drive along it. Oh, Japan you were wonderful to me. Funny, how things like these can be blocked from so much self negativity, but once you begin to work on yourself it’s like a seedling being water into a beautiful plant. I’m seeing a lot of things on new levels lately. It’s like a big “AH” moment is being awaken. Cross cultural experiences are beautiful. They really teach you that we are all are “one”; despite the labels we are the same from the source as equals. It’s a beautiful thing!

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