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What is needed in American and the World right now? It's not more hate with conviction with everyone fighting over if their views are right. Absolutely not! It's LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Have you notice that America is at a cross roads, even before "the Election" we have seen a lot of hate and many groups have been victims of hate crimes. Oh yes, open your eyes and hearts if you think nothing is wrong. Is it right that as a country we have reverted back to the ideas of pre Civil War. Does the words We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness….” from The Declaration of Independence have a meaning. For far too long we have been fighting hate and more hate in America. The political parties are further divided and everywhere you go someone is just vibrating hatred with what you hear on the news and within your local communities. These issues that we have been fighting are not just issues they are humanitarian issues. A shift is being called forth right now. Yes, it is. Does the words of MLK JR, JFK, Rosa Parks, Gandhi, or Henry David Thoreau have any weight to bear? Of course they do. Unfortunately we kill off the leaders who are standing up for the rights of America and the World just to have more suffering. 

"We must shift in a radical and in a fundamental way from an
economic ordering of human society to a humanitarian ordering.
We need to make love the bottom line and we need to stop
apologizing for believing that."
~Marianne Williamson

I was trilled to see and meant Marianne Williamson   in Concord, New Hampshire at the Capitol Center For The Arts last night! I was in love with her message of reclaiming the Soul of America with her Love America Tour. I first discovered Marianne's when I was in a serious healing crisis. A friend of mine suggested for me to read the book The Law of Divine Compensation-On Work, Money and Miracles and feel in love with her work. I realized from reading this book that I knew most of the things that were being discuss, not a new topic for me, but one for me to deepen my spiritual work. There's so much beauty in her work. Over the years, I have read a few more of her books, Tears of Triumph and Healing the Soul of America. All have been excellent and reference A Course in Miracles

Marianne was amazing. I was glued to my front row seat soaking in all the love that she was radiating as she spoke passionately about healing America. In order to heal America we must start and heal ourselves. It's from our own healing journey by turning darkness into light that we can lift others up to do the same. Before the show, I got asked if I could give a video testimony about what I would like to see happen to the world. My heart was screaming, yes go on and share briefly what I would hope to see the world shift more into love to help others! Apparently there's going to be a video collection of the Love Tour America's Website! I'm itching to see when I'll be featured. 

"Pray hard, love deep and kick ass." as Marianne Williamson said was my favorite quote from the evening. Right on! Personal transformation is the key to change anything. We must get rid of the ego within ourselves to hear the voice of our higher power. Right now we are faced with something is wrong and everyone is looking for a yearning in all of us as humans to make things right now. Our system is unjust and the system needs to change. It's not about the money it's more about doing what is right in our hearts. Sad to say that so many people in the world have taken advantage of things. Leave it to the women in the world to start to make a difference. It's from the motherly instincts that things get changed in the world. As we grow as individuals first then onto citizens of our countries and the world it is threw our own personal transformation that we can make the real difference! The power of prayer and love are the key ingredients for our own successes! I'm blessed to have meant such an amazing women with a tremendous gift of self empowerment that is needed right now for all! 

May all beings be free from pain and suffering. May we rise up to the POWER OF LOVE to heal first ourselves, our countries and the world! May we bring forth the positive changes for the world and let them begin with ourselves to reclaim our own power back! 

The New American Story | Marianne Williamson | TEDxBerkeley

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