Where's the Love?

In a world where for far too long the finger game of I told you so, pass judgment, I’m better than you are...our world has sadly shifted to mass panic and fear...whatever happen to being grateful, and where is the LOVE? As we have a pandemic in front of us, some of us are struggling to get by and making sure our bills are paid for, seeking shelter, seeking food, have love ones in surgery, dealing with trauma, rape, and suicides to name a few. COVID-19 is a wake up call that our systems need to change. In so many ways, everything coming to a head, right now, in the world, is representative of this immense energy and the structural changes we are all collectively and individually experiencing. We are being called to change more deeply. Can we come together as a human species with love to help heal ourselves and the world problems? Seriously, hoarding the shelves of the stores like an an apocalypse and buying buying buying won’t solve the issue. Really, taking all of the toilet paper, soap, paper towels, and tissues for yourself and leave others with none is not the answer. We are all in this together. We are one. One love! We only have one planet Earth, let’s take care of it. Elon Musk hasn’t given us the option of life on Mars yet, but a car floating around space is cool! Humanity is much more smarter than savages turned wild! Turn your LOVE LOVE LOVE light on, and keep it on!

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