The Crisis is Effecting....

 I stumbled across this the other day, it's beautiful in many ways. You maybe feeling it as much as I have or not. It's been something else lately with the energies we are facing here on Earth!

"The crisis the world is experiencing is on both macro and micro levels. Our personal as well as our collective lives are going through forced readjustments, to place them in line with the trajectory of our highest manifestation.

Some relationships are splitting while some are cementing, some institutions are devolving while some are evolving. Some people and nations are falling apart, only to be catapulted into the truth of their higher becoming.

For none of us is this an easy time. It is a time -  should we even survive  as a species- that  will be researched and analyzed hundreds of years from now. Whoever is around then will be deeply influenced by who we choose to be and what we choose to do today.
As wild and out there as any of us can imagine, both scientifically and philosophically, such are the times we’re living in.

The only way to survive them, much less transform them, is to love deeply and commit authentically to showing up as best we can. However scared you are, so is  everyone else. However hopeful you are, so is everyone else. However much you want to let go and spread your wings now, so does everyone else. It’s not just that we’re going through all this. We’re going through all this together. We’re going through all this as one." ~Marianne Williamson 

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