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Excited, The Cliffs of Moher
I'm passionate about the world, all of the beauty that the world has to offer; it's truly beautiful out there. Come on, open your eyes, it really is.  I enjoy teaching about the world through many different mediums, incorporating art with a soulful twist to it. The world is meant to be enjoyed to its fullest. Go out & seek it!

I grew up in Maine and developed an appreciation & love for art at an early age.  I spent my childhood exploring the beach, the ocean, the outdoors & all of the natural beauty that Maine has to offer.  My appreciation of the natural world, combined with my curiosity led to my desire to explore and conquer the globe. I have spent much of my adult life pondering an atlas while learning about different cultures and geography. My multicultural interests have led to my "yugen lifestyle".
Kissing A Gray Whale, Magdalena Bay, Baja

I'm a pretty unique individual by setting foot on more than 20 countries, all 7 continents. People look at me with "WOW" from time to time when I tell them what I've done & where I have been. It's about getting out of the norm with me. I've always had danced to my own beat & continue to do so. What can I say, "I have a wanderlust soul." I have an unique lens of perspective of the world that many would love to have. I love sucking the marrow out the experience and living life to the fullest to catch a glimpse of the real culture that you wouldn't necessary get if you just sat at home in front of the TV waiting for it to happen.

I've have had some amazing experiences for sure: from sailing from Southeast Alaska through the Panama Canal, kissing a gray whale in Baja, kissing the Blarney Stone, signing the Peace Wall in Belfast, having a few extremely close elephant encounters in the bush, walking on the Great Wall, sleeping in a swag under the Southern sky in the Outback, leading a group of certified divers while on a wreck dive in Utila, teaching English in Matsue, watching a glacier cave in Southeast Alaska, templilng throughout the temples of Angkor Wat, taking a cooking class in Lima & to setting foot on Antarctica, just to name a few of the many adventures.

Life sometimes catches you by surprise. You got to live for yourself.

I love working on nature & travel photography that of course to travel to catch a glimpse of the world that you need to see. Please take a look at my website Christine Anuszewski Photography for my galleries. I can be reached at: info@christineanuszewskiphotography.com

"Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known."
~Oscar Wilde

Meeting A Penguin, Antarctica

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