Beaching It....

Today, I started the day in my travel spirit mode bright and early, felt like I was on deck watch more or less.  I got up at the bright of dawn, way before the "Blue Hour" to see an amazing Northern Sky and finding Orion very quickly cos that's the only constellation I can find quick, if I was watching the Southern Sky it would be the Southern Cross.  Oh, yeah, I enjoyed traveling on the Maine Turnpike early and was wishing that I had more time to take out my tripod and shoot a long exposure, but that wasn't in the cards today.  However, I was en route to Logan for a flight to Ft Myers to head for sunshine on the Gulf Coast of FLA for a family holiday. I did enjoy watching the sunrise before I set foot on the plane.  I was quite please with the customer service and friendliness of Jet Blue and the TSA this morning.  It didn't even hurt giving them a smile cos for some reason it was natural from the other party.  Sometimes that's not always the case.
Funny, it's been ages since I had a family holiday with one of my uncles and it's been quite entertaining.  I've been crying laughing, oh got to love the Irish wit.  Funny, how when I got off the plane, it felt as if I was back in Panama with the humidity and for some reason the drive from Ft Myers to around Boca Grande area reminded me in a way of being back in Honduras, perhaps it had to do with the long drive from the airport to anywhere in San Pedro Sula. Never mind the detour my cousin and I took cos on the way over, but it was fun.  Got to see a wee bit of Punta Gorda, oh well it was an adventure.
This afternoon, I found myself beaching it with my mom and my sister on Little Gasparilla Island.  I quite enjoyed reading my book, taking a few shots with my camera and snorkeling.  I LOVE THE OCEAN!   My sister said to me "find me a sanddollar" next thing I new I found one.  I came up from a dive and gave it to her. However, I ended up with a dozen sanddollars today. Very busy avro at the beach.
Little Gasparilla Island

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