Old Photographs

Lately, I've been going threw the abundance of old photographs I have for an upcoming project.  This time, the project was weeding threw old photograph books from my backpacking trip to Oceania when I shot everything with my basic Olympus 35mm camera.  Film was quite pricy to process if I recall & those lab fees of roughly $7 USD added up.  Digital is economical affordable in a way these days for a lot of reasons, but there still is a lot of work involved. Now, I was embarrassed to say that I found myself critiquing my work.  I noticed that my skills of a photographer have greatly improved.  I'm not afraid to get closer to the subject matter.   I guess you could say that now I'm in the state of developing my photographers eye these days. Working on my own style away from your basic snap shot and run type photos.
Brighton Beach House, Brighton Beach, Victoria, Australia

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