Last Holiday Fair for the Year....

During my downtime of my "adventurous" lifestyle, I  found myself taking the risk this autumn by taking the leap into the art world to get my name out there with my photography.  I'm not going to lie but it's hasn't been easy with its slow but steady start. Don't get me wrong, I've started this process a while back, but I moved into learning how to market myself & to sell my work as an artist. I've been what they call a "struggling" one these days.  I guess that is what to expect when you first set up a business. It took me over a year to play with the website idea (Christine Anuszewski Photography), but it finally came together a few weeks back & I'm still working at it. I should have set up a blog while I was living in Japan or any other of my numerous adventures, but it wasn't in the cards then. So it's unfolding now....
I found myself with the constant loving encouragement of a cousin on my dad's side to join Maine Women in the Arts. I did take the leap and found myself preparing for my first Prelude show. A lot of work did go into it.  Numerous long hours of making cards and deciding what photos are marketable.  I hope it goes well, considering all my Maine photos are pretty much Kennebunkport inspired.
My Two Framed Pieces on the Wall
I didn't know what to expect for the fair until I got to the Masonic Hall on Temple Street yesterday with all my fine art in my hands.  I'm happy to showcase my work in an art inspired venue.  Honestly, I thought I was in Filene's Basement for a holiday sale with the constant craziness. However, it wasn't as bad as a warehouse delivery on the boat on turn day. Still I didn't know if I was coming or going at times during the hour I had to set up my art table.  The ladies were all very warm & welcoming, which was very nice. I did find the whole thing to be a learning experience.  I didn't realize how small the space was for the show.  I'm usually used to carting around a table in my dad's truck to the venues with my tapestry as my table cloth with a nice amount of space.  Honestly, I haven't been into the Masonic Hall since the 6th grade and all what I recall is my dad cooking the 6th grade dinner there for my class. I didn't recall what the space looked like at all and how small it was.  So my table space is roughly 30x30 and it has a nice white table cloth on it with white Christmas lights.  Thank god that I spotted the card rack to put my cards on or else I wouldn't have been successful with my real estate for the weekend. I'm happy with the way my display look.  I have a few new items for sale: a set of two of Timber Island cards, a set of three buoys cards and not to forget a set of five each of the beach grass, Kennebunkport Boats and seashells card sets.  Also, my business cards did find a nice home on the table too.  A successful busy hour of setting up.
My Art Table
The opening reception was Thursday night.  Again, it was a whole new world to me.  Now, I've been to opening receptions before with the JAG's Show that I help with in Matsue during my first year in Japan to the trunk shows for Anne Sportun Jewelry I worked at Abacus Gallery in Dock Square to the my most recent one at the York Arts Association's Abstract Show where I did have a couple of pieces shown for purchase.  Funny, how in the business of my day I forgot about the name tag thing.  Luckily I still had one of my LEX one that I could use. However when I returned to the Masonic Hall that evening I found myself in a role I know all too well. Apparently I have have an aura of helpfulness and knowing what is going on, even tho I might not at times...It doesn't matter where I am in the world that I find myself in this role. I'm a legend with it on the boat. Strange that people mistaken me for working in a store when I don't acutally or just ask me for directions no matter what country I'm in.  I had numerous questions asked to me and I just found myself giving answers with confidence like I usually do. I ended up working the front table and taking cash and wrapping the art and greeting everyone. Easy peasy, it's not like I haven't done it before.  Well, those skills of mine of working in an art gallery did come in handy.  It was very nice to see my dad's cousin and her husband to show their support and I know how much they enjoy going to the show. Surprising that I was busy and the opening had a good turnout.
It's been quite some time since I actually worked a Prelude weekend or been around for one. Last year I was in Costa Rica. A huge festive event in Kennebunkport for the Christmas Season. I recalled going to numerous tree lightnings as a kid and other events over the course of the weekend. In all of my traveling I haven't seen a tree like the one that is sitting next to the monument in Dock Square that makes it's appearance every year in December. Where else can you see a tree with lights on it decorated in lobster buoys? Not many places outside of New England. Well, I must admit that some might know the name Prelude from drinking one of those Shipyard Beers (Shipyard Brewing) named after the event.  My naturalizing fact here is that the Prelude Beer and Shipyard Brewing Company actually got it start at Federal Jacks Brew Pub in Lower Village, which claims to fame the birthplace of Shipyard Beer.  If you look closely you will understand that some of the beer names are named after famous places in Kennebunkport and Maine. Funny, how the town will turn into summer again for a small window of time with those long back up traffic jams threw the center of Dock Square, people wandering around the streets siteseeing & looking for that perfect item to buy or going out to eat at some of the well known restaurants. It's a busy time!
Another busy night at Maine Women in the Arts.  Busy busy.  I got busy chatting with the ladies about my travels and how I love to buy art in my travels. If you really don't know me, I'm a chatter.  I told them that I sailed all the way from Southeast Alaska threw the Panama Canal and that I spent some time in Asia. Also, it was good to network about the current art world out there. It was very nice to see some familiar faces to show their support and for the few suggestions on what to photograph.  
Nativity Scene, South Congregational Church
Christmas Prelude, Dock Square, Kennebunkport
It was a very festive night.  I quite enjoyed my crisp walk later in the evening looking and photographing the Christmas lights threw town.  Good thing that I had my Xtra Tuffs, a headlamp, and a beanie on with my usual blue Gore Tex Marmott Jacket on and not to forget gloves and a scarf.  I'm not used to winter since I was in Central America at this time last year.  I was geared up for an expedition.  I taught myself something new, I learned how to take long exposures in Blub Mode with a tripod and a cable release.  The Christmas tree in Dock Square looks awesome at night. Honestly, it's the best time to view it.  I had to work the evening shift at Maine Women in the Arts so I missed the big photo op at taking photos of the annual tree lighting ceremony, but afterwards was just as good and it was rather peaceful to experiment threw the lenses at night considering that there wasn't really a big crowd.

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