Prelude Day 2

North Street Traffic
Well, in spite of the whole Prelude festive event, I didn't realize how busy town would be.  If you took a New York Times acclaimed photo for the front page, I think that Kennebunkport would have made breaking news with how many people were in town.  I can't believe it, honestly, I can't,  I think it was busier than the 4th of July. The traffic was crazy, back up a mile long on North Street and cars were parked like crazy on Route 35 & on the road to Kennebunk Beach as well.  I couldn't believe it. It was worst than a summer day.  I guess it must of been a pretty famous event for the breaking record crowd.  Yikes, good thing that I walked or else I wouldn't have gotten a space.
Parade, Dock Square

Parade, Kennebunk-Kennebunk Bridge
Beach, River Tree Arts
I was in another exhibition this weekend as well, The Clothes Line Sale at River Tree Arts  (River Tree Arts) on Western Ave in Kennebunk.  Don't forget that it supports Independent Artists! Before I could make it to the exhibition I got caught up in the Hat Parade in Dock Square.  There were some pretty clever hats and costumes that people showcase for the parade. I don't recall having that event when I was kid and it was something new to watch.  I guess the participants lined up from the parking lot behind Allison's and made their way threw the center of town to the Best of Everything in Lower Village for an award ceremony.  I saw some clever costumes and hats.  It looked like the participants had fun during the event too.
The Ramp, Buoys, Portland Head Light and Kennebunkport Boats, River Tree Arts
It was very nice to make it to the Clothes Line Exhibition at River Tree Arts after the mob of people in Dock Square and Lower Village.  I couldn't believe the amount of people that I had to go threw to get to the opening that I was in.  It was insane.  I was very happy once I reached the Irvine Gallery at River Tree Arts and saw my stuff on the wall. I got so much positive feedback with it as well. Mucho gracias for that! I really do appreciate it. I got question if I went to art school and the answer is no, but I was born with an artistic eye. Kinda like the same thing when it comes to cooking for me. Honestly, I was quite drawned to it at an early age. It's a form of stress relief for me & it makes me happy. I enjoyed myself and also liked looking at other artisan's art work as well.
Lower Village Fire House
After the exhibition, I decided to walk around Lower Village before making it to the Franciscan Monastery for their annual caroling by candle light. I didn't realize how cold it was outside. It was beautiful to see a mass crowd light up with all candles.  Once I got home, my sisters friends just laughed at me when I got threw the door cos I looked as if I should have scaled Katahdin with all my layers on and not to forget my pack. Overall another good night shooting! I got to experiment more with Blub Mode & using my tripod at night with my cable release. I was quite please with the results tho.  I think I opened myself to an whole new world within the photography spectrum.

Franciscan Monetary Caroling

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