Another NYC Day...

Tuck Shop
NYPD Cops at GE Building
Well, to start off my day, I decided to get up at the crack of dawn.  Your thinking that I’m crazy, but oh well, to go exploring, the early bird catches the worm as they say.  I ended up making my way over to the East Village from Brooklyn to attend a fantastic yoga vinyasa flow class that was donation only from Yoga To The People at 12 St. Marks Street. Awesome inner trip! I needed it & I forgot how much that I love how yoga reminds you to be nonjudgmental of yourself & others. I highly recommend checking this place out cos it’s great! I felt at home there. After class I wondered around a bit on St Marks Street until I spotted a boxing kangaroo flag. Oh, there’s only one country/continent in the world that I’ve been to that this speaks home to me. I stumbled into a brilliant Aussie pie shop called Tuck Shop at 68 East 1st & 2nd Avenues.  All the pies were of course homemade & they were only $6.00.  A barging I scored. I had a lovely savory lentil pie.  I quite enjoyed my time there & especially having a nice chat with the Aussie bloke who was working.  Of course I went on & on about my travels in Australia. It was nice to chat with someone about travel & the meaning of seeing the world. Funny, how more Australians hold passports than American’s do. Basically the conversation was center over how good traveling is for you. It’s nice to hear from an Aussie that I’ve seen quite a bit of the world than most Americans would dream of. Apparently the Tuck Shop doesn’t get busy during the day, but during the nights especially on Friday & Saturday’s nights late is when business is booming. It’s a great spot to check out for sure, even if you want to go late night or not. After my brilliant snack as you could say.  I just took to the streets searching for what was calling me. New York has temptations everywhere, I turn. I ended up in Chinatown & Little Italy wandering around after I found myself back on Spring Street for some excellent people watching. I enjoyed walking along Broadway in SoHo & looking at all of the street vendors. I made my way into Uniqlo, the Japanese version of Old Navy where it reminded me of being back home in Matsue checking out what came in for the latest of the Japanese fashion world. The National Geographic display got me hooked, my heart screamed of excitement cos at first I thought I found a National Geographic shop, but quickly realized that I was in Uniqlo. I made my way down to Muji too. I had fun wandering around. After my shopping in SoHo I made my way uptown to go seek out B&H Photo, but I was very disappointed cos it was closed for a holiday. I found my way to Macy’s, but I didn’t go in, just ended up sitting for a bit in one of the café chairs that they had in front of the main entrance to write a few postcards to a few dear friends. I must admit that I didn’t stop there; I ended up to Rockefeller Center to check out the ice skating rink, but was shocked to see it as a restaurant for the summer time. I chatted with a few NYPD cops in front of the GE Building where I went in to check out the famous mural originally done by Mexican painter Diego Rivera a fresco that originally had a Marxist theme with Lenin in it that was replaced by a larger mural by Spanish Catalan artist Josep Maria Sert, “American Progress”, depicting a vast allegorical scene of men constructing modern America. There was a lot of history in that part of the building that I could just feel it.  I stumbled across to 5th Avenue to check out the famous Atlas statue before headed over to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral to check it out. I made my way over to 47th street to go to the Japan Society's Edo Pop exhibition before having too much fun on 5th Avenue.  I also stumbled upon the United Nation’s Plaza too.  Edo Pop is excellent I highly recommend this exhibition.  The gallery is free on Friday nights from 6PM to close. A great find!I somehow found my way back to Grand Central Station threw the Met Life Building like I did on my last adventure on the Upper East Side. Funny, how I just knew where I was going tho. Well, I made my way back to Brooklyn after a busy day exploring the city. I ended up having a brilliant nights out with a couple of friends & a vegan  sea salt & olive oil pizza at Franny's off of the 7th Avenue stop on the Q Line. They do have an excellent red wine on tap too! Ah, lights out again Brooklyn, I must recharge my batteries for another day. It’s been a great day of exploration.  

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