Hanging Low in Brooklyn...

Ah, I must admit that a wee bit of down time for a Saturday & Sunday is exactly what my expedition spirit needs. Sometimes it’s just wise to rest. Catching up with friends who you haven’t seen in years, but it feels like it was only yesterday.
Arch in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
NYC is full of the go go go lifestyle. Brooklyn reminds me of the Bay Area in a way; just the vibe in this borough is excellent. I have been getting so many recommendations from friends on what to do too. It’s nice when that happens. For the most part New Yorkers are very kind & helpful. I’ve asked a few cops & security guards along with people on the streets for directions, it shouldn’t be a surprise for the people who know me. Acts of kindness goes a long way. I’ve even been so kind to strike up conversations with locals & fellow travelers, giving directions & just chatting in general. It makes the day go round.
Kids Playing
Brooklyn Bridge
Let’s see I’ve been to Trader Joe’s, the one in Brooklyn Heights is probably the biggest one that I have encounter. The queue was not too bad, but I heard that it could be over a mile long wrapped around the store. I was shocked to see the different colors signs at the check out that distinguish your checkout spot. Ah, Trader Joe’s is always an unique experience. I ventured over to Shake Shack to grab burgers. However, I opted for the veggie burger, they have a fried portable mushroom one.  From my Google searching & reading restaurant reviews lately I was kind of curious to try the spot to see what all the rage was about.  If you’re a burger lover then this place is great, but for me with the limited items on the menu that I could eat, it was ok, but at least I tried it.  A friend of mine twisted my arm to go there actually. However, I found myself reminiscing about our time in Japan together & how the big thing over there with our fellow JET (Japanese Teaching Exchange Programme) friends was to go to Mos Burger. It’s basically a fast food burger place; they are famous for burgers that are on lettuce.  However, many of my California friends claim that In-N-Out Burgers () are the best.  It was nice to see fast food that has a food awareness of being organic & using fresh ingredients. For the record they also serve beer & wine along with delicious strawberry lemonade! For some reason it reminded me of Kellys Roast Beef, I guess it had to do with the way you order & how popular it is with locals. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of fast food, but if you want something on a budget then you got to way your pros ‘n cons & “when in Rome do what the Roman’s do or not”. Hey, it was an experience for sure to see what the rage is all about. Apparently, Shake Shack got its start by being a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park in Manhattan. It does give you hope that a small idea can turn into something great. New York is the city where dreams are born.
I spent Sunday catching up with a friend of mine from Maine. I ended up having brunch at Sun in Bloom  at 460 Bergen Street Brooklyn. I had a lovely vegan lunch, however the portions were a wee bit small. The café is very small but it was great to catch up with a dear friend of mine.  After brunch I ended up taking a stroll over to Prospect Park for just fun time chilling out & people watching. My adventures then took me to taking a stroll on the Brooklyn Bridge cos it was a fantastic sunny day! I did chat with people on the bridge, took some photos, took photos for others, struck up conversations on photography & traveling & not to forget helping other with directions.  Overall my weekend in Brooklyn has been relaxing! Enjoying sushi from Mitoushi Who knows what I’ll be up to next. Adventures are unfolding…

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