Daffodils Are Great Reminders

Daffodils in particular are a great reminder of rebirth and growth. A flowers needs are always meant without worry. For us humans, it's rather difficult since we are programmed that we are separate and can't be taken care of. Truth is our needs can be meant! I just love this, "First, we need to become aware of our need or desire. This may not be easy! Many of us have become accustomed to shutting off the inner voice of our wants, needs, and desires. Sometimes, life has to work hard to get our attention. Next we let go of the old "programming"-the behaviors and beliefs that interfere with nurturing and nourishing the good. Many of us have strong sabotaging programs, learned from childhood, that need to be released. We may need to "act as if" for a while until the belief that we deserve the good becomes real. We combine this process with much letting go, while we are being changed at the core. There is a naturalness to this process, but it can be intense. Things take time. Good things are ours for the asking, if we are willing to participate in the work of groundbreaking. Work and wait." ~Melody Beattie

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