It's once we begin our journey in adolescence is where begin to loose contact with our childlike self. We never get rid of that part of us, we learn to burry it with addictions, substances and bad choices. There comes a point in adulthood that we are faced with a fork in the road. The question is do we want to continue on the path that we are on with those feelings that we turn off by suppressing them or do we want to take the path that doesn't have the castle at the golden brick road? If you choose the path that doesn't have all the answers you must learn to surrender your fears to our higher self. You must learn like a child again and to play in the sand building castles in the sand and going in the ocean as if it was the perfect day at the beach. The path of creativity has many turns to take to lead you down your golden brick path. You must encompass play so you don't burnt out! Sandcastle are a great reminder for you to surrender your anger and frustration to the hands of your higher self, let go of all your worries and connect to your childlike self. It's threw play and creativity with the practice of stillness is where those pounding questions of our lives get answer for us. Trust in the process. Let it go and play. Have some fun! Enjoy the adventure of brining your dreams to life!

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