Songs of the Angels

"Come on girl 
let's sneak out of this party
it's getting boring
there's more to life than this
it's still early morning
we could go down to the harbour 
and jump between the boats
and see the sun come up"

The Angels around signing you songs all the time. They are around brining about many messages to you threw a variety of means. Sometimes it might be threw a song that you hear, a conversation with a friend, listing to the voice of stillness or a particular quote just jumps out at you. The Angels are always around you. Just be still and listen to their guidance. 

We are going threw many changes here now. Just look at what is going on in the world, it's a reflection of what is going on within yourself. We are in a period of the change over years and the Earth's energy is changing. We must continue to love ourselves and work on peeling back that onion. The veil is very thin right now, we must use the energy to create the peace and harmony that we want for ourselves and the world, but first it must come from ourselves and our own inner game. 

I just love this reminder from Doreen Virute's, 10 Messages Your Angels Want You To Know, about the Light of Awakening and a message about Choices. 

Arriving at a fully conscious awareness of oneness with God is a process:
  • First, a spark of intellectual curiosity, perhaps after hearing or reading a discussion of oneness.
  • Second, contemplation about this possibility and the implications.
  • Third, a mystical experience that arouse curiosities about God's closeness.
  • Fourth, a shift from fearing God to being aware of the pleasant intoxication of God's love.
  • Fifth, a firm belief in the oneness of God, but still with a viewpoint of being separated from God. 
  • Sixth, more frequent experience of seeing everyone as one with you.
  • Seventh,  a desire to return to oneness consciousness, accompanied by fervent prayers, asking God to deliver you from the ego's separation dream.
  • Eighth, fears about losing control are given to God, so that you can detach from the ego's dream of separation. 
  • Ninth, walking in both worlds simultaneously-seeing the separated world of the ego as the dream, and having compassion for those who are dreaming.
  • Tenth, developing the habit of consulting God and your higher self before making decisions.
  • Eleventh, feeling and experiencing God's love continuously. Earthly life feels joyous.
  • Twelfth, teaching others by your positive example to trust in God. 
Go out and seek the joy of the moment. Live in NOW! Embrace the moment what ever it may bring! Life is about living a happy and fulfilling life, moment by moment. Forget about the ego and telling you it only wants you to seek joy at the end of it. Your time here on Earth is short compare to the spiritual life, use it to its full potential. Free yourself from the separation and allow spirt to worth threw you. The Angels are always around, listen closely to their messages. 

A good though for the day is: "If you consider the gifts you have received in life to be given in trust, you will have great value for them and will use them wisely and generously."

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