A Glorious Goose Rocks Day!

What an awesome beach day! Very hot today in Goose Rocks Beach (90F/32C)! I just want to go into that ocean to cool off! I’m sporting my “I Believe In Me” shirt! I created this card from my own struggles with dyslexia! There was always an inner light in me that was strong during those childhood battles! Learning was never easy for me, but being creative and artistic has always been natural! The print is from “Spirit Deck”, my 70 Card affirmation Deck with wisdom for your higher self to keep you going throughout the day! My shirt can be purchase on my Society6 Shop at: https://society6.com/christineanuszewski. I have other merchandise on it as well from stickers to prints! And my affirmation Deck can be purchase on my Etsy Shop at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ChristineAnuszewski.

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