Weekend Excursion...

Ah, it's been rather rocky seas navigating the storms for a while now, a lot of old programing is coming up for me to be release....to get away from it more like not to think about it, I decided to make a little adventure. I was thinking of the line in Animal House when they spastically say "Road Trip" to be more precise on what I had to do. There's a lot of places that I enjoy in Maine. However, when you get into a rut and a routine you tend to forget about them. I decided to go up to Carrabassett Valley for the night and do a wee bit of exploring. I booked myself a night at the Hostel of Maine not too far from the base of Sugarloaf , the tallest ski mountain on the East Coast. Yes, the mountains were calling me with the sound of silence. On my drive up there, many memories came flooding into my mind. All were good tho reminding me of the joy that I have found on the mountain during my youth. 

Since, I really didn't take time out for my birthday the previous week, I decided to take a very quick trip back to Quebec first thing Sunday morning...Thank you Canada for welcoming me back and allowing me to inhale some of your delicious nature! I found a charming village, Piopolis not too far from the USA/Canada border from Route 27 at Coburn Gorge about 37 miles from Sugarloaf. With all my time on Route 27, I really just wanted to see what was at the end of it. What I found, was some amazing scenery along they way and gateway back to Canada! This time Siri wasn't really working on my iPhone as I made it back into Quebec. Luckily, I printed off a Google map a few days prior and relied on the directions to find the charming village on Lake Megantic. Ah, I felt transplanted back to France with hearing the French being spoken. I just explored the town and my favorite spot was the park where I found a few trails leading out the Halte, that reminded me of being back in Alaska with a bog walk. Ah, I loved walking along the marsh listing to the birds and inhaling the beauty of the lake. I found it to be very peaceful and magical at the same time. Sipping in nature, is a beautiful thing! 

Upon reentry I told the customs lady that my purpose of my trip was to explore and take in nature, she looked at me strange and wasn’t the most friendliest of people when I said I went to go take in nature for only a couple of hours...we all need it and it is good for our wellbeing! Nature soothes the soul! I did see a moose somewhere along the road to Rangley along Route 16 and I did get a little too excited, like I do with elephants, rhinos, and whales, oh my!

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