"Music, the universal language of the feminine brain, operates in the world like an antidote to detachment. It is a medium that necessitates connectedness, starting down at the bottom with the resonant frequency of the earth itself. At some point, the rhythmic syncopations and overtones of the subharmonic breathing earth becomes so fast that we interpret them as drumbeats and then, as they get even faster, we experience them as notes. Such is the dazzling geometry of sound that our animal ears comprehend easily, discerning beautiful patterns from randomness, harmony from dissonance. Our bodies know a groove from a bunch of people making sounds simultaneously and can interpret the emotional nuance in the relationship between human and drum, drummer and other musicians. Music employs intuition. Also: interaction, mutual awareness, and cooperation. Music results in deep empathy for one another and therefore a feeling of wholeness within ourselves. 

Jut about anyone can be moved to tears by music or be moved to reentered their body and dance. Music contains a celebration not only of the living present moment, but of the whole of life with its endless repetitions. When it is really happening, music is a medium that transcends culture and speaks to the very core of our aesthetic souls, connecting us with nothing less than the beauty of being alive together. It touches a place below the logical and linguistic frame and draws from a well even older than the stories we tell. "

~Ani DiFranco

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