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I spent the quick ferry ride over to Chebeauge Island out in Casco Bay reflection on a lot about things lately. Which entailed me writing my blog post ( On the bus to the ferry I got thinking how a certain friend of mine gave me an excellent photography article (it still is in my photography journal actually) back when I was leaving Thanda to go explore Cape Town before I hit the States on way through Dubai. In the article there was a quote by the Dalai Lama that goes, "Once a year, go someplace you've never been before." I've been making this a practice more recently and to stretch the money that I have to go travel someplace new in my home state. Well, I have been successful with that for the past three months. I enjoyed my time on Chebeague. It's gorgeous out there. I would had been happy checking into the Inn and soaking up some solitude for the night. I did some walking around and wished that I had a bike to see more of the island actually. 
Nature is good for the soul! Got to embrace it! I basically had a mini version of what I used to call, my "Glacier Bay Day" as I would have like 12 hours on land up in Gustavus, Alaska exploring to save my soul from boat life. 

"Our society has become a conspiracy against joy. It has put too much emphasis on the individuating part of our consciousness—individual reason—and too little emphasis on the bonding parts of our consciousness, the heart and soul. We’ve seen a shocking rise of mental illness, suicide, and distrust. We have become too cognitive when we should be more emotional; too utilitarian when we should be using a moral lens; too individualistic when we should be more communal." ~David Brooks

"You don’t climb the second mountain the way you climb the first mountain. You conquer your first mountain. You identify the summit, and you claw your way toward it. You are conquered by your second mountain. You surrender to some summons, and you do everything necessary to answer the call and address the problem or injustice that is in front of you. On the first mountain you tend to be ambitious, strategic, and independent. On the second mountain you tend to be relational, intimate, and relentless"~ David Brooks

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