Hope For A New World

Imagine using your voice to bring about change, teach love and be the light that the world needs! Everyone else is already taken, step into your power and let it shine. We can make a difference, rather than waiting for others to wake up. The choice is yours in each moment. First be true to yourself, kind and loving and let that ripple of hope be a ripple onto others.

"Inner transformation is not a matter of faith or prayer. It involves reason and the use of human intelligence. A calm and healthy mind has a very positive effect on our physical health and well-being." ~Dalai Lama

"When a situation arises that makes you angry, confront your anger and analyze it. Ask yourself what factors have given rise to that particular instance of anger or hatred. Analyze it further; ask yourself whether anger is an appropriate response and especially whether it will be constructive or destructive. Exert restraint and cultivate thoughts of patience and tolerance."
 ~ Dalai Lama

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