You Do Matter! Pass It On!

A good read that’s for sure! ✨   6 Things To Remember When You Think You Don't Matter Especially around this time and when you are going through dark times! If you know someone who feel into this trap of thinking that they really don’t matter, reach out! Send them a message, call, text, email, do something! They may have thoughts that they are happily forgotten! There’s too much expectation this time of the year, seriously do something! Just be yourself and do something! Some may have rifts between people, yet we live in a world where we can repair them and be open to LOVE! Remind people that they bloody do matter! I tend to write numerous cards and send random messages in my own way as part of this practice of mine to let others know that they matter!

For that reason, I have created my own uplifting cards that I do mail to people, wether it be one of my affirmation cards or one of my positive note cards! Really, get person and write someone a letter with a whole lotta love from you rather than relying on Hallmark to do the trick! I can help, hop onto my Etsy shop at and Society 6 shop at for my cards, prints, apparel, coasters, affirmation cards, and so much more! I created my products to help others to see the good in themselves and the world! This is a beautiful article to read too! Spread kindness. Be the light. Be the love!

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