A Reflection Piece...

Another year over and a new one just begun... I loved reading this line from the Melody Beattie's "Journey To The Heart" book that I have been working with first thing before I meditate this past year, "Know all those you love will be there for you when you need them most."

I sat down with a cuppa this morning (NYE) going through all the things that I have been grateful for from the past year. Quite the pile I had for sure reminding me of the many love ones to my excursions to Canada and parts of Maine that I haven't seen before to working with kids, the many photo shoots that I did, working on myself and updating old and outdated things that no longer serve their purpose to myself. I'm not going to lie and say that it has been easy. Really, it hasn't since it was a 3 year a master of change and chaos is what it brought.

It’s been one wild ride this past year. Your not alone if you too are going through challenges, the challenges make you the person who you were all along underneath that pile is stuff that’s not yours that you have been carrying around....

It takes a person a great amount of courage to be vulnerable and say that they got a lot of anger going on, I don’t think anyone cares about me, I don’t belong in this world, I am going through a tough time, etc...unfortunately we as humans are condition to be the best of the best, always happy go lucky wind up puppet dolls whatever happen to be honest with how we really feel? When a person tells you that they are going through a tough time, instead of giving into their pain and telling them to snap out of it, Shower them with love and compassion! We need to feel a sense of belonging in this world! We need to raise our love vibration! By doing so, we help others. We all just want to feel love and supported. 

Make someone’s day-write a card, text them, send them a message/email, but them lunch/dinner or coffee, the ideas are endless once you tune into the heart! By telling them that you love and care! So many people wish that more love was given to them during this lifetime! I have many beautiful cards available on my Etsy Shop and my Society 6 Shop that will do the trick! Start the New Year off right and reach out to those who you care about in this world! 

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