Heal The Great Mother

The great Mother Earth is being called to rest right now. Unfortunately, we have to experience this in a pandemic. Are we willing to do our part for the greater picture. The Earth needs our help. It's been crying out to us in many ways from the no rain in Africa, to droughts, to the great forest fires of California and Australia, to wars, children suffering, the killing of animals for their tusks, horns, and furs, and many other things that are going on in our world. I heard that from the lockdown life is being created in areas of the world that it once has been depleted! What if we took this time to start to really help the Great Mother Earth (Gaia) out! Take the time to do what is being asked of us, to sit home and relax and focus on our own needs. We must and must uplift one another now. This fear base fear is not spreading any love. Where's the love. We must all reach out and do our part. Be the light! The the love! Come together in the oneness of all things. One Love. One Earth. 

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