Off to the Swamp...WED Enterprises...

Ah, it’s been challenging right now with the events of my life. I have been working hard on releasing trauma, but there’s been a part of me that has been lost. My sense of having fun like a toddler does with looking at the world with eyes wide open. I have felt so much pain, dispair, sadness, grief, anger and so much more to my soul. I have lost a place of who I am in this world. Also, we are living in the Aquarius Age, you know the song that goes….

“When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
Age of Aquarius

My creativity and enjoyment of life has suffered immensely as I go through profound changes in my life. I can’t really describe it in words. It reminds me of the book Eat, Pray, Love in a way. The old ways are dying and new ones are being rebirth. I need to shed my light and keep on shining it bright. Our planet needs that the most right now and values of love, compassion, integrity, respect, and honesty too. Yet, it must start with me to be the change that I wish to see in this world and let that be a ripple of hope for others. As I heal myself, I heal the world.

There’s a place dear to my heart that I have been itching to get back to for quite some time. You could say Rise of Skywalker has something to do with it. More so the creation of Star Wars Land at Walt Disney World  I have lost my sense of play. What better place to reclaim this aspect of myself back. I could careless about the corporate giant that Disney has become, what I do care is about the dream that one guy from the heartland of America had and went after it and didn’t stop until he was finished. Walt was ahead of his time with the ideas that he had and creating future societies too and sharing his love of animals and imagination. As I kid, I actually wrote a letter to Walt Disney World in Florida asking a simple question about It’s a Small World and the Statue of Liberty. I didn’t think anything about writing this letter and had my mother help me write it and off it went in the mail. Little did I know is that I receive an answer back. I still have the letter explaining me why the Statue of Liberty is not in the attraction. As a kid I have always been interested in humanity and the wonders of showing cultures to the world. As an adult I can proudly say that I still love learning about humanity, cultures, the environment, and even been on all seven continents by the ripe age of 40.

A lot has changed since my last visit to WDW that was about 12 years ago, when my dad sent me on a business trip of his to collect green building information at the International Builders Convention that was held in Orlando. I had a lot of fun, yet something was lost. For years, I always had my sister, my cousin, and my aunt with me in the parks. This time I was solo, yet the times that I was solo in Hong Kong and Tokyo Disney didn’t bother me, yet it did at WDW. A void was in my heart so to speak. I didn’t have my aunt do anything embracing to me from her Irish nature or my cousin and sister nagging me to go onto a ride. This time it will be different, I actually get to spend some time with my cousin, my aunt passed away when I was living in Japan, yet her spirit has always been with me. Things have changed too. Back in January as I was booking my room, my cousin was telling me to set up my guest profile on the website, had me order my MagicBand, and to download the WDW App. I’ve been so used to doing everything was a map and the old fashion way of checking into your hotel room, just show up to your hotel and when the room is ready it’s ready. Not with Disney, they are always one step ahead of the game.  This is fancy if you ask me. Last year, I found on Amazon Prime the film The Florida Project about the homeless in Kissimmee and you know what it’s an eye opener on how valuable these MagicBands are and the reality of life around the famous strip that is home to Gator World.  Ah, you never know where my travels will take me on this little mini break of mine. I hope to reclaim my sense of play and it will be nice to reconnect with my cousin. It’s like I just won the Super Bowl and they ask you what are you going to do next, “I’m going to Disney World!”

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