As You Sit...

"As you sit within the space of nothingness you allow all that you are to become all that there is. Allow your breath to become like the movement you experience while floating in the ocean. The movement is all of you and none of you as you become the water you are floating upon and the water becomes you and the formless form you are becoming. As you allow this sensation to become the centre of all that you are you become a part of everything. As you think of the blossoms on an apple tree you can smell their essence as though they are you. As your thoughts take flight and you let go of any and all beliefs you come to realize that you and I will always be as one, never having been more than one. Allow yourself to reflect on the pureness of heart and know that you will always find me there. As you release me and set me free on the wind,I become the breeze upon your face and the sun that embraces you with its warmth. I am the soft wet grass you walk upon and the butterfly that flutters by. In your expansion you are able to see me with the eyes of your heart as that is where all the illusion is dispelled. The magic of being is all that is found while beauty and peace are all that can be found. As you have allowed the tears to flow you have honoured the journey that was ours alone. When you start to feel alone recognize that you are in the state of separation and the belief you hold of being an individual. As you slumber allow the mind to release all thought. Focus on the movement of your body floating in the ocean as you surrender to the current allowing it to guide you to where you need to go to find the unknowable knowing that you hold in the separation belief and behold the beauty you unfold as you soar upon the current of life."

Written by Linda Iversen

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