Back to Baja

San Carlos
Whale Skeleton
I find myself back in Baja on The National Geographic Sea Bird enjoying the beauty of the place while working like crazy.  I must admit that besides doing what I do on the Sea Bird I tend to be “the go to gurl of the boat” where everyone comes to me with their questions & problems, it doesn’t matter what rotation it is or what staff member it is either, some things just don’t change when you are looked up to.  Baja is amazing for sure & not to forget the beautiful marine life of the whales, dolphins & sea lions that call this place home. Yes, it’s not always about the work that brought me back to Baja, there’s some brilliant positives too. It’s also a sweet photographers mecca!  Count your blessings every day.  Let’s see, I enjoy walking the streets of La Paz enjoying the local colorful flavor of the real culture & hearing mariachi music from time to time.  San Carlos is sweet to walk along the main drag in the quite remote desert town or not to forget to experience the dock where the boat is docked where local fisherman from the sardine factory off loads their fish. Magdalena Bay is amazing to go whale watching & have the opportunity to kiss a gray whale, get snorted on, watch them breach & not to forget to eye a whale too to name some of the super cool whale behaviors.  Oh whales you are so beautiful & blissful. Sea Lions are sweet for certain & the chance to go snorkeling with them are even better! The Pacific Ocean & the Sea of Cortez can both be choppy at times, but that’s part of the experience of being on a boat.  It’s like you got to learn to brush things off your back to make the days work out how they are suppose to go around here.  There’s no sense of worrying & making you stir crazy, positivity is the key to success out here on the ocean. Trust the higher source. Funny, after reading John Steinbeck’s The Log from the Sea of Cortez this winter brought back so many good memories from last year, especially when I first step foot in Baja.  The good times that are killing me! Oh yes, they are! I’ve meant some amazing people in my travel adventures, some keep on surprising me on how amazing they are too! I quite enjoy the photo trips onboard that a National Geographic Photographer is on board where I get to chat with the “experts or pros” as you may call them to learn from them.  Each one has something new to offer which is part of the beauty & not to forge the photo staff from Lindblad Expeditions which are amazing as well who are certified National Geographic Photo Instructors.  Bottom line is that they are pretty much down to earth when you approach them that make it a lot easier & enjoyable. The color of the place in the artwork is amazing. Something is real & vibrant of Mexican artisans with the colors & local folk lure that speak saying this is Mexico please buy me & take me home to remind you of the beauties of Mexico.  Just enjoying my time in Baja before the moment is lost is the name of the game right now…

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