Off To The Beach...

Sand Sculpture 
I took a wee little road trip, if you would call it, destination was to get to Fort Myers Beach yesterday to see a dear friend.  A play day at the beach with a friend is good for the soul.  I ended up taking US Route 41 from Placida down to Fort Myers. I've been on this road numerous times, but I decided to stop off at the "World's Largest" Shell Factory & Nature Park located on US 41 North Fort Myers.  The Shell Factory was quite the spot. It reminded me of South of The Border in the Carolinas in a way. The place is huge. However, I was in & out very quickly in the actually shell shop cos I had to meet my friend. They got every souvenir under the sun in there from shells to T-Shirts to post cards to hot sauce. There's a Jeannie machine, like the one you see in the movie Big to tell you your fortune,  an actual shell museum & not to forget the pirate exhibition is what I saw in a nutshell. If your looking for your souvenirs then this is the place to go.  After my wee stop I head back into the car where I just continued to listen to NPR for the entire ride cos I'm sick of what the corporate radio stations are playing.  I found the route to the beach to very easy peasy but long if you ask me. From US 41, I took a right onto McGregor Boulevard & continue on it for miles, passed the famous Edison & Ford Winter Estates, & miles &  I went under numerous freeways too, from McGregor the road just turns onto San Carlos Boulevard where the traffic to get over to the bridge was a wee bit congested onto Estero Boulevard.  Easy peasy route was found & I also found how to get to Sanibel which I didn't have time to go or the Tanger Outlets to snag a deal. Well, my destination for the day at Fort Myers Beach was the Dolphin Inn Resort located at 6555 Estero Boulevard. The Dolphin Inn was very affordable & had great huge spaces with either a full kitchen or efficiency. You can't go wrong with your time there & to save cost from eating out all the time in Times Square the heart of Estero Key there's a Publix's near b y & not to forget the 7-11 either. I spent my time on Fort Myers Beach with a couple of friends.

Rocks For Sale

"A Fish Eating A Fisherman" Competition

Sand Sculptures
We stumbled upon Sand Bash Women's Master Sand Sculpting Championship.  Sand Bash was pretty sweet to attend, all the proceeded benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Fund of Southwest Florida. I didn't mind giving one bit & it was nice to be around creativity too.  It was located at the Holiday Inn. In a way I felt like I was back in Cancun with all the exciting beach action. The sculptures were amazing & very beautiful.  They were very Earth inspired for Earth Month, which I loved. There were presentations too on the stage about sand sculpting & not to forget asking people from the audience to participate too.  We learned a new fact yesterday that sand sculpting can be done with anything you can imagine from big buckets to funnels to spatulas. Water is the main ingredient to hold the sand together and when they are all finished they spray a light glue onto the sculptures. These things were huge. Also there's an amateur competition as well.  Like with any festival, there's a food stand selling drinks both nonalcoholic & alcoholic & vendors with crafts. There was also a booth selling the pink ribbon items.  Overall, I had an awesome day at the beach. The ocean was a wee bit choppy with white caps & warning flags. The cool thing is that you can hire a beach cabana for the day for like $30 if you are into those things & want to get out of the hot sun. There's a lot to explore like anywhere, but with my time frame I only got a glimpse & I had fun too while doing it which made the day all the better. Best beach day ever & sharing time with a dear friend is priceless!


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