Heart Entering

Palm Leaves
I pulled out my copy of Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life on the Jet Blue flight that I am on from Fort Myers to Boston & funny, the nice lady next to me said “great book”.  I had a lovely conversation with her about the process. I mentioned briefly that I just started to work on a project with someone who attended the “Open Your Heart Tour” in Boston that I attended to work on inspiring people to live a healthier version of their life from entering the heart. I’m on my second time around reading this amazing book. It’s nice when you really start to do the work things just suddenly appeared. Last week, I found myself agreeing to be working with the founder of the You Are Loved page on Facebook to write some stuff & post the links to my blog. What I do know is that it’s something like Mastin Kipp’s work on The Daily Love. I was blessed to see that my writing has inspired someone. The art of being soulful pays off the universe does come through; once you start to do the work you do really see the results.
However, I feel like I want to give out a good scream lately like the one in the Scream video by Michael & Janet Jackson. I haven’t let out a good one while doing my daily chakra clearing though; I didn’t want to scare my family with chants of om. They might think what in earth is she doing, but oh well, I’ve been quite with the chanting in the mornings lately. Hello darkness you have been like a black cloud all over me lately. I didn’t realize it but you just don’t want to go away. For being the seeker who is open, I still feel as if I’m in the same old continuous family mode. I am in a much needed detox. Let’s say that I have drunk way too much wine, ate some unhealthy things like having cravings for Cape Cod Potato Chips, eating too much grains & listing to negativity by numerous means to name a few of the things I need a break from. I haven’t been doing yoga as much as I would hope to. It’s been yikes, I would like to have some quite time to be still, but I feel that I haven’t. I found time to do a yoga nidra & to listen to a few other meditations from this brilliant album that my friend made.
Well, as I’m on the flight back to Boston with my finally destination as Maine. I am sad cos I have been in the same old repeating habits of the past seven years since I got home from Japan. It’s like I go away for an adventure then I come home where I feel as if I’m stuck after having done so much for myself. I’m back at home with the same beliefs that I grew up with & wonders to myself if I have really have changed, can I see the light to move away from them. It hasn’t been easy nor has this been quite the easy path to walk along. I have to remind myself that it’s natural to feel pain & to use it not as fear, but as a means to grow. I have been putting out numerous applications & such these days, but nothing has popped yet. It’s frustrating if you ask me. I hope that I can find the inner strength to get through this. Let’s face it, I’m ready this time. It hasn’t been that easy to keep on coming back to “home” as in “home where I grew up” not as “home as where the heart is” & repeating continues circles. The circles have been showing me what to work on. They always do, sometimes it’s not as easy to see the message with them. The key to this is to recognize the patters & make the wiliness to change. It’s all your own personal strength to over come this.
I have said “NO” to a few things lately that I do know is the right choice. It’s all about trusting my intuition & following my heart. It’s about learning how to deal with my own energies & not what someone else’s energies want me to do in this lifetime. It’s really about learning the art of being still & listing from the source for guidance. We are in a massive shift right now on this planet & Mother Earth is having her own healing crisis. As the energies of our planet change, bear in mind that you still got to work hard each & every day to stay grounded. Staying grounded is the key. It’s just a wee bit more challenging for the “too sensitive empathic” like myself, but it must be done.
On the bright side, I do have a photography show at the end of the week at my childhood school. I’m following my passion to get my beautiful nature inspired photographs out there. I will be at the Consolidated School Craft fair on Saturday December 14th from 9AM-3PM. I have decided to be a wee bit creative & to offer things as a Prelude Sale. I am certain that I will have a good turnout. I’ve been getting so much positive remarks over my cards & canvas prints. They are all on sale, so if you’re in the neighbor hood swing on by & check them out. It’s all about chasing your dreams before they slip away. I just fell into getting a spot for the fair by chatting with the head of the Kennebunkport Parks & Rec’s department; call it being in the right place. Come on universe keep on showing me where I need to be. I’ve been telling myself that something good is around the corner. Positive affirmations here! 

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