A Long December, Wait January...

A Beautiful Maine Winter Sunset
It’s been a long dark depressing winter in Maine. I feel that I haven’t been myself, stuck in hibernation mode, being in a holding pattern, etc... I can’t explain the energy out there with everything shifting in the universe. I have found a great astrological blog that might make sense: Northpoint Astrology, where you can subscribe to the weekly astrology report.  By subscribing to Pam’s newsletter the feelings that I have been experiencing have made more sense. I know that I’m in a changing patter of things lately & hope that this holding patter will lift shortly. By trusting my intuition is what I have been doing, something I just have been trusting all along. I just hope that this cycle that I have been in since I got home from Japan will break in a way, not the traveling piece seeking out the world, but the part of feeling trapped in Maine. But I just have to keep reminding myself that Maine is where I make some of the great changes. I’m blessed to be working with Melissa Boyd of Deep Blue Truth Now , I can’t say enough good things. I really have started to take a hold of being true to myself from the inside from working with Melissa, with the areas that were lacking for a long time inside of me during this lifetime.
I really needed to be inspired by watching a friend of mine talk this morning. Jeff Litton, Founder of United Global Environmental News Agency  gave a brilliant TED Youth Talk in Montreal this past autumn. I highly suggest checking out his TED Talk Becoming the Voice Of Sharks Conservation! I loved his message in the talk of being the change you want to see in the world. Getting rid of the false beliefs that are holding you back. This is absolutely beautiful! Keep on working on yourself to get rid of the limiting beliefs.  My friend’s message is very true. Keep on dancing to your own beat until you find your way, but never let anyone else get the best of you with negativity & criticism, that is your fuel to move ahead on the journey.  
Hopefully with the moon activity this week something magical will take effect more so than the crazy mayhem.  February will not see a New Moon so the energies of resetting itself won’t take effect until the first of March. It’s a crazy time we are living with the Age of Aquarius. What the world needs now is more & more self love rather than inflicting the continues patters of self hatred around. It’s all about moving ahead down the “rabbit hole” & to see the beauty like Alice did. 

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