48 Hours In Midcoast

Camden Harbor
The Midcoast was calling me for a wee bit of a mini break. Well, I decided to make a mini break out of it tied into the other reason that I was in the area for. It’s lovely up there. However, I found out soon enough that driving on US Route 1 North was a wee bit of danger zone at times. Funny, how you just can tell when people are driving with their egos & like to have a wee bit of road rage. It’s like calm down, you’ll get there, please learn the art of patience with yourself.  Well, I did arrive there safely, got there & back safe in sound. Word to the wise, check with your mobile phone carrier to see if you will be getting charged for roaming charges while in these parts. I noticed a change with my phone at times.
There’s so much to see & when you have limited amount of time, you just have to be choosy on where you may head off to for a wee bit of fun. Yes, have some fun would you, find some craic & let yourself explore.  It really is beautiful up here.
I’ve always have been so glued to Route 1 the many times that I have came here, but I kind of threw that out the window. I did stumble onto the campus of Maine Media Workshop  in Rockport.  It’s the oldest photographic workshop in the country. The Santa Fe Workshops  ones were actually founded by someone who used to work for Maine Media. It a charming little campus in the middle of nowhere, but that was to be expected in these parts. It’s small with a big heart & people from all around the world attend them. I hear that the workshops are amazing. I found myself actually visiting the quite village of Rockport. I have a phenomenal dinner at Shepherd's Pie, the daily fish special is unbelievable tasty with heaps of fire roasted flavor not to forget an excellent chocolate pot de crème to finish with. I was in love with this restaurant, the atmosphere is great, the staff was friendly & helpful, not to forget the beautiful farm to table approach. It’s a must for visiting the area. There’s quite a bit of farm to table restaurants to choose from too up here that it’s great to see the concept of focusing on local fresh ingredients from the land & sea with an eclectic menu. I stumbled into Camden by Union Street from Rockport Village & it was a peaceful drive that was nice to get off of Route 1 for a bit.  Honestly, it took no time to get between Rockport & Camden. I did some exploring on Main Street, funny some of the places that I used to go were there, but I discovered some new shops to have a wee bit of “window shopping”. 
The Farnsworth Art Museum
Funny, I’ve been very good at saying “yes” to invitations lately. I’ve noticed that I’m actually growing. I decided to meet some film & photography people for dinner. Some times when you do that, you don’t always get what you’re looking for, but it can be very adventuress. I found myself having dinner at the Blue Sky Cantina off of Route 1 in Rockport. Let’s just say that I wasn’t too impressed with the service. It is very unlike me to send anything back & I just did. I had to send my beverage back cos I noticed that the glass wasn’t clean & my food got mixed up. When I did get my correct order, the fusion style enchiladas of sweet potato were not bad actually. But I did enjoy the conversations I had with the people I had just meant talking about film & actors.  It’s been a long time since I actually allowed myself to engage in some fun conversations. I was like WOW; I’m actually doing the work that I need to do right now. Sometimes, it really doesn’t matter about the food when you have an evening out, but the fun that you had. Let’s just say that I’m not in a rush going back to the Cantina, but they do have some excellent chips ‘n salsa.
Rockland is where to go to have some more fun. I decided to go to the Farnsworth Art Museum or the “Wyeth” Museum. It does hold an excellent collection of Andrew Wyeth’s work, a pretty well known Maine painter. I found myself seeing the Wizard of Oz exhibition on one of the last days that it would be in the museum. I really enjoyed listing to a reading from the Wizard of Oz, the actors were very passionate about their work & it showed by the tone in their voices. I quite enjoyed seeing the exhibit & the reading was a special treat. I found a yummy macron at Atlantic Baking Company‎.  My aunt recommended Cafe Miranda to me, so I decided to give it a try. I figure that anything would beat last night’s meal & go back to some yummy food that has a strong focus on the farm to table approach. Once you start changing your diet, you see food in a new light. I really do enjoy going to restaurants that are unique in a way it just fits my personality. I had an awesome haddock fish taco. Yum, very filling as well!
Pemaquid Point Light House
On my ride back I finally made it to Pemaquid to venture to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse. I loved it there. I could sense some incredible vortex of energy. I enjoyed playing on the rocks to climb around the unique rock formation. Ah, this place is amazing. It was very easy to find, but it just took a while. Afterwards, I enjoyed driving threw the small coastal towns to Freeport for a wee stop to scope out the outlets. I was good & didn’t buy the temptation overload in Patagonia.
All in all my time in Midcoast went by too quick. I couldn’t squeeze everything in. I found some new places that I enjoyed. I saw how much I have grown too. Ah, a min break is good for the soul.

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