The Power of Greens

Making Juice in the kitchen of Girl Gone Raw
On this path of a lifestyle change, I found myself at an amazing cooking class last night. For Christmas, my sister gave me a cooking class for a pressie. I’ve been playing with making healthy choices all of my life when it comes to food. My aunt remembers me pulling out a pepper in church as a kid to eat. I will admit that I do enjoy some fine chocolate from time to time. Many years ago I was guided to go “cold turkey” to give up Coke, M&M’s & chicken to name a few of the things. Of course my friends look at me strange & love to tease me that I don’t eat meat. Oh, I have some stories from Japan that are just making me laugh right about now. It’s always been part of my path, I never liked the taste of meat as a kid, but ate it anyways cos that was for dinner. I guess you could say that I have been inspired by my travels, the growing wave of vegetarians & veganism lifestyle changes too to pretty much adopt a vego diet. Of course Sir Paul’s vegetarianism played a part too, with other artist making the choice. But the Coast Maine girl of my youth hasn’t gotten rid of the seafood. You got to be careful. I learned at an early age from my father that “wild caught” is the right way to go when buying seafood & to make sure that it’s always fresh. Being good to the ocean is very important & to Mother Earth as well. Oh, I ended up at this charming house on 81 Congress Street across the street from the Rosemont Market in Portland to meet Elizabeth Fraser & to learn all about the beauty of going raw or incorporating more raw goodness into my diet at Girl Gone Raw.
I didn’t realize that the amount of bread, pasta & fresh baked chocolate chip cookies were actually some of the triggers for my anxiety.  I went to them as a form of “comfort foods” to make me feel better. I love the fresh smell of artisan bread from a bakery. It’s so inviting.  But when I went on an intense detox a little after this time last year, those things became a thing of the past for me. Acupuncture has helped me with my allergies very much but I wanted to make sure to see what was really making me sick with crazy symptoms. Coming back from Antarctica was my wake up call for me to seriously change the way for many things.  Was it my hormones that was making me go crazy with my chakras out of balance, I kept on questioning myself? As I have found out on this journey, I keep on shedding the person who I used to be. I read this amazing book by Lama Surya Das Letting Go Of the Person You Used To Be that really opened my eyes to the path that I was walking all along. Letting go of what no longer serves me. Yes, there was time that I used to enjoy watching the Celtics play in the Garden, but that’s not me any more. Of course, I’ll support them in a tournament, but I’m not one of those die heart sport fans. I do enjoy watching surfing from time to time or a good footy match (as in English football) or Irish rugby. I have seriously made a lot of changes on many levels over the years. It’s about being healthy from the inside out. I no longer fall asleep to the television like I used to do many years ago once I realized that it did put a lot of negative thoughts into your subconscious mind while sleeping. I’m not addicted to the television like I once was when I was scared of the “present moment”.  
Sadly to say that the America/Western diet lacks a lot of things & we don’t eat a lot of the right stuff to help us. Food is energy & it’s also medicine, the good medicine that gives cells energy to make you seize the day. It makes you not feel sluggish once you eat the right items. Popping pills to cure a disease or illness is not the way to go & become addicted to them. It’s about making healthy choices on the path & breaking obstacles that once served you, but no longer does the trick. Sad to say that there are too many GMO’s & antibiotics in our culture that we eat along with high process corn syrup, pesticides & chemicals in the food that is available to us at the supermarket. Cheaper is not always better, spend some time & money to invest in healthy foods.  In time it will cut down on doctors visits & improve your overall health. Studies have shown that dark leafy green vegetables are the one of the most important foods that will optimize your health for the better. Eat them for breakfast, lunch & dinner; be creative with them in your meal prep.  Greens are loaded with minerals that include iron, calcium, potassium & magnesium.  They give us so many benefits with vitamins K, C, E & B that can balance your PH, contain Omega 3 Fatty Acids, detoxified the blood from the chlorophyll, high in nutrients, powerful antioxidants that support the immune system & they are high in nutrients & enzymes.  Get rid of the death foods that rob you of your health & that means going to golden arch for a Big Mac, white bread, refined sugar & cookies to name a few of the items.
I thought that I was going to get my inner chef groove on like I did at SkyKitchen  in Lima, Peru, but I didn’t it. I did enjoy Elizabeth showing the steps & learning about the techniques like I was sitting in the audience watching Julia Child cook. I did get to help out with the destemming of the kale though for the kale salad. I learned a lot about the benefits of juicing, making smoothies, massaging the kale with dressing for the salad, using greens as wraps instead of tortillas & bread, using chia seeds as a thickening agent, how to make kale chips in the oven & dehydration techniques. There was a lot of food that I enjoyed eating from juice, mint-choco-chia pudding, kale salad with tahini dressing, cashew cilantro burgers, cucumber dill soup, collard wraps with almond butter & finished with pistachio & basil mango nice cream. I definitely had a feast that was enjoyable. I enjoyed meeting others on the path of healthy eating too. It was very nice share our experiences with one another. I left the evening with a full Buddha belly & felt amazing with all of the healthy food that I ate. It reminded me of experiencing Cafe Gratitude during one of my first visits to San Francisco. I believe that the original location in the Mission is now closed.
Elizabeth’s small house on Congress Street is filled with so much goodness from the beautiful paintings that she has painted that are for purchase to the cooking lessons to the items that are for purchase. Smoothies Gone Raw by Elizabeth Fraser & Maggie Knowles can be bought along with granola mix, kale chips & fruit roll ups to name a few of the items. I hear that by the CVS in Munjoy Hill is where the Portland Food Co Op store is going to be in a few months. They’re so much food goodness in this small city that it’s taking off like the other Portland on the Leftist Coast.
Channing my diet is just a way to manage the waves that I am surfing.  It’s all about raising my vibration so I can attract the things that I want to in this lifetime. We are all energy beings, learning how to raise them & get rid of blockages is just my path right now. It’s about sailing my ship out of the safe harbor to experience life to the fullest. Healthy eating choices are a must for me. I can control my allergies & amnesty at a much more reasonable level than before. Adopting ayurvedic techniques on health eating from not the perception of your eyes to eating small meals only when I’m hungry. It’s all about taking care of me from the inside out.  I do recommend a fun evening out at Girl Gone Raw too. You never know what you’ll find once you leave the Hobbit Hole & step foot on the adventure. 

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