View on Top of Maine

Overlooking the Penobscot Narrows
A few weeks ago, I decided to concur an inner fear. Something all spring has been calling me to visit the Penobscot Narrows Observatory . I was guided to go check out this place from my spirit voices so to speak. I figure that I had to do this alone rather than with a group to see. I didn’t have enough time to actually take it all in when I went with some of my Young Artist Digital Photographers from Maine Media. A view from the top, the tallest bridge observatory can be found here in Maine in all of the places of the world. The tower reaches 420 feet (128 m) into the air that allows visitors to view the bridge, the nearby Fort Knox State Historic Site, the Penobscot River, & the Bay. The bridge is a fabulous treat to any visit to Fort Knox allowing you to fully inhale the beauty of the surrounding area seeing as far away as Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park on a crystal clear day. The lift was less than a minute for the views on top of Maine, just remember to equalize your ears while going up. As you step out of the lift you are literally right at the glass over looking the narrows, there’s a quick turn for you to walk up the couple of flights of stairs to inhale the beauty. Don’t worry, the observatory is very stable and will support you on your journey. When you fear not, just remember to call on your guides for support & to listen to the spirit voices that allowed you to make the journey. You won’t be disappointed with a moment of “Ah” at the top with the views or the experience! 

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