Hidden Messages from the Path...

Watts in Maine Cuff Bracelet, Aqua Boutique, Boca Grande, Florida
The other day, as I walked along Exchange Street to Middle Street in Portland, on my way to meet an old friend for lunch, I was thinking that I couldn’t have done such a thing last winter. I couldn’t just ask an old friend to meet up so to speak, well yes & no. I could basically have a conversation but not really embrace it as a beautiful encounter. I recall, my aunt reaching out to me during my darkest days with some teatime, but really I couldn’t be that sociable as in making lunch dates happen, since I was going threw darkness as I was releasing the past. As I look back at the obstacles that laid ahead “down the rabbit hole” some were just my old fears holding me back. I mean my “ego” had me blocked in asking a friend to meet up with the fear that I didn’t need to meet up with this person so to speak. I finally made it to lunch at  Eventide Oyster Co. in the Old Port was delicious & an enjoyable encounter. Oysters are the “in” things to get there. I was happy to hear that some of the “issues” that I thought were just mine and mine alone that I have been struggling with were not just mine but others have had similar circumstances to deal with. I was thrilled to hear about my friend’s new project with the launch of Watts in Maine, a beautiful rustic yet simple lobsterman bracelet. They are made from the measuring tools that lobsterman use to tell if each lobster is a “keeper” or not. I mean these things are absolutely beautiful. Go on and check them out for yourself. I mean, they speak Maine as the same way as Seabags or The Ropes do, classic, yet simple. 
Roasted Oysters, Eventide Oyster Co., Portland, Maine
Funny how during our lunch the topic of conversation about a fellow University of Maine graduate, Amy Morin LCSW, who wrote the new book 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do: Taking Back Your Power, Embrace Change, Face Your Fears,and Train Your Brain for Happiness & Success. There’s a great excerpt on the Huffington Post 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do.  I was quite impressed with the introduction; it reminded me of reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. There was something so personal about her struggle. Funny, how when you loose touch with people that you once know & totally forget about them & certain things they come back to you when you hear about them years later. I did know Amy back during my UMaine days, but as you follow your own path sometimes certain people just tend to fade away & reappear at later moments. I didn’t realize that Amy wrote a book until one day I saw the book on Watts in Maine’s Instagram feed & actually pulled up the #hashtag to see who she was & I was like oh I know her. I found her book on Amazon & read the introduction with a feeling of “WOW”.  I was so moved with the way that she had found her inner strength to write about tragic events & to use it as fuel to overcome the situation at hand. During my personal growth during the long & “dark rabbit hole”, I could totally relate to what was being said in her book.  I was telling my friend at lunch about how I saw similarities of what was in her book with what that I have been working with on my own personal growth journey.  Sometimes the universe just throws you a tragic situation or a series of them to make you stop & take a good look at what you need to work on so that it doesn’t reappear in the future. It’s all about the present moment & how you handle it. Yes, it’s ok to look at it from a holistic side of things & take in what sprit is guiding you to do as well.
After my enjoyable lunch, I did end up going to see the movie, Wild. For me, it was very emotional to watch, since I could relate to issue of being true to yourself & taking that “call” for an adventure. It’s a beautiful story of overcoming obstacles. Sometimes the craziest, wild, obscured way in conventional thinking is the way to with taking a simple leap of faith into the unknown & trusting that it will all work out. Towards the end of the movie that I will admit that I did have some release tears coming out of me, I felt a powerful release for myself. There’s a great article on the Huffington Post Wild & the Healing Power, that talks about nature as a powerful healer, just listen & be still to access your inner guidance. Also, another article,The Importance of Wild, Complicated Women's Stories talks about the importance for spirited women exploring & overcoming difficulties to show society how they made a new life for themselves.  In a man dominated society it’s sad to see that women do not always get the recognition that they should get. Wild is just paving the way for women to show that it is ok to explore all sides of the human condition.
There’s nothing wrong with showing the human condition. It’s actually healthy to show it. Without showing it & letting go, you really can’t get the type of relief that you’re seeking for. The universe is always showing you what to work on to move ahead for you to be the change that you’re looking for. 

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