Reverse Culture Shock

Good Bye Sunrise at Ulwazi Lodge
Was my experience for last couple of month’s surreal or what? Lately, I feel that I didn’t actually leave the country, it was all a dream my mind keeps on telling me. It’s like I’m stuck in an intense lucid dream going into multiple dimensions of the universe like that tripping scene in “I’m Not There” when Bob Dylan exposes The Beatles to marijuana, but yet again I have to remind myself by looking at my passport to see the stamps of South Africa, Mozambique, UAE & USA. Time is an illusion. Time is only a lingual equation as Einstein figure out by the famous quote, “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”
Honestly, I’m still trying to process everything that I have experience. Yet again, I see so many mirrors to my experience out in Thanda to my experience in Matsue with the strong bonds that I have formed. I really can’t explain it to someone who thinks they understand cos it doesn’t work that way. It’s true only to my soul’s DNA & the soul’s DNA of the other person; it’s that simple really. If you want to know, then you simply cannot cos you were not part of the experience. My soul has grown in so many ways, into new realms. I’m trying to process all the love right now & find myself having random tears running down my face. I’ve done loads of growing in the bush, planted seeds too out there that will continue to grow.
Ostrich's at the Cape of Good Hope
There are many parallels between my grandfather who was a captain of an oil tanker that was extremely proud of his Irish roots & myself when it comes to travel. I realize that I am the second person in my family to have been to the Cape of Good Hope & to the Persian Gulf. However, my ways of going there were not an oil tanker, but that’s ok. I still continue to inspire people in my travel like he did. If I had a penny for all my inspirations, I would be rich in the material thing with the attachment of money, but I’m rich in terms of the heart with continuing finding that love light & keeping it shining on very strong. 
“Don’t criticize what you can’t understand.”
~Bob Dylan
I will admit that I have had oh the same old experiences with reverse culture shock this time around, but with all of my inner work, I’m riding the waves a wee bit smoother so to speak. I’m trying not to get bother by the same old same old questions & or statements like:
“Why did you go?”
“Aren’t you afraid of not knowing anyone?”
“How did you pay for your travels?”
“Did your parents pay for your travels?”
“I couldn’t do something like that.”
“Aren’t’ you happy to be back?”
“Your so brave”
“We need more people in the world like you.”
“Can I see your entire Lightroom Catalog?”
“What’s next?”
It’s like others minds need to know things rather than letting them experience the experience for themselves. This is not Days Of Ours Lives, but actually my one & only life in this lifetime that I’m living being true to myself not others, I want to scream at times! First I need to take care of me & by living my life of service to others is a beautiful thing, but me comes first then I can help others. The truth is that I did pay to volunteer with African Impact & it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I put myself into the space of the unknown that was “calling” me for quite a bit of time. The photography program spoke to me on so many levels. I just needed to go see what it was all about. My eye has changed & I’m grateful for that. I’m grateful for all the beautiful people that I have encounter & ended up becoming my family. My family just keeps on growing in this lifetime, I always tend to have additions from time to time not just in my own born into family but the greater soul family.
“Celebrate we will
Because life is short but sweet for
~Dave Matthews Band

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