In Dublin's Fair City...

Main Gate at Trinity College
I’ve been in Dublin for the last few days of my journey back home. It’s an interesting place for sure. I decided to ask a few Irish friends for help on what to do here, but as my curiosity lead me, I just kind of took the advice and decided to get lost and I was ok with that. No, no, don’t mean to get lost in the dodgy part of town, but to get lost in the moment and to chuck out all the plans to let the beauty unfold.
I’ve covered loads in the short time that I have been here; there hasn’t really been a dull moment. I tend to walk and see where it takes me. I’m very Irish when it comes to going into a shop and ask for directions tend to go into a full blown conversation. Ah, no harm is done, just a bit of chat. I’ve seen more this time and actually didn’t feel rush by doing a day tour. Basically I have walked from Phoenix Park to Trinity with finding some enjoyment in wandering around Temple Bar, George’s Street Arcade, Trinity College and St Stephen’s Green to name a few of my many stops. I have been to a few of the museums too, The National Museum of Ireland Collins Barracks ,National Gallery of Ireland and the Dublin City Gallery-The Hugh Lane .  The cool thing is all of the museums are free, but I didn’t cover everything in them. I just went for a break of the busy city streets to escape and to look at art to inspire the creative mind. I really loved the Hugh Lane Gallery tho, it’s small and charming with beautiful pieces of European art and a reconstruction of the Francis Bacon Studio.  I did meet up with a couple of friends over at Grogan's Pub, found some delicious vegan food at  Cornucopia and of course had a pint of cider at Slattery's Bar  it’s still one of like seven early houses left in Dublin. I did find it enjoyable to listen to a few older lads signing 80’s songs when I was there and it wasn’t that late.
Cu' Chulainn overlooking O'Connell Street
Temple Bar
Overall, my time was enjoyable embracing what the present moment had to offer. There really was no rhyme or reason to my time in the capital. I just wanted to get lost on the streets with my camera, find a bit of craic and to enjoy living for me. I will admit that I have change since I got off that plane; it’s a good thing. I’ve grown deeper within myself as what my intention was when I got off. My time out in Boghill did me some good. I’m sad to be crossing the pond to go back to the place where I was born, but I have left my spirit in so many places that I have called home on this planet and truly it is where ever my heart is calling me that I consider home. Until, I meet you again Eirn, thanks a million for letting me do what I had to do this time around. There’s always room for more and to see the same place with a whole set of new eyes. I’ve been on the go go go for sure.

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