Clean Up Time

Portrait of My Sister's Dog
“It's the ways of the flesh to war against the spirit
Twenty-four hours a day you can feel it and you can hear it
Using all the devices under the sun
And He never give up 'til the battle's lost or won.”
~Bob Dylan

In order to move ahead on the path, you must let go of everything that is holding you back. It’s like having an internal struggle between your true self than the part of you that is so controlling that it just won’t let go. As a creative in order to get to a higher level with my art, I must let go of things that no longer serve me. It’s kind of like, when you take a shower you wash the outside of your body, but as you go deeper on your path, you begin to notice that you must take care of the inside of yourself. Lately, I’ve done some clutter clearing to help with that as a form of detoxifying the self. Let’s just say that some spring cleaning is what I have done. Basically, giving the space that I sleep in a bath of its own to bring in new light. I’ve notice a lightness in it as I go off to dreamland.
At Easter, I had a lovely talk with my cousin’s wife on her new clutter clearing of her entire wardrobe, which led her to take on the kitchen and other areas of her house. I was intrigued by the concept cos I was thinking that I was getting guided to do something like that. I started with going through clothing that literary sat on hangers in my closet for years and thinking that I would wear it again, not to forget pieces of clothing that had attracted extremely negative energy. I tend to do this once a year or more, depending on what I’m actually being guided to do by spirit to help me to move the energy. I tend to play Solfeggio frequencies to move the stagnant energy daily with burring a candle and some palo santo or sage to really do a good clear out the space, not to forget to leave a Himalayan salt lamp on to reduce the negative ions in the air. But when you’re in funk, it’s best to get to the root of the cause and seriously look at what truly bring you joy and happiness daily.
I’ve been doing this for sometime now to really look at the items that I own and wear to see if they may in some way contribute to my own personal well being. When I first did this years ago, I remember filling my dad’s truck up and taking a huge load over to the recycling center to get rid of stuff. It’s incredible at the stuff that we just accumulate over the years and putting it in a drawer or closet saying to ourselves that we will use it and actually do not. It just sits there and somehow it just adds to our own weighing us down so to speak. Over the years I have tossed those lacrosse shirts from high school that have no meaning to me now with the stuff animals and that bed I hung onto for way too long that hurt my back. In a way it’s like letting go of the person who you let to be as what Lama Syra Das talks about in his books. Yes, it’s a beautiful thing to actually let go of the person who you thought you were, but actually you weren’t that person one bit.
Recently, I just read Spark Joy by Marie Kondo, it was a very easy and quick read for me. I was like “WOW” I have been using these principles for year. Basically the book talks about going through all areas of your possessions and if they don’t spark joy get rid of them. Say bye bye to them and donate them. There’s a great article about this theory, 8 Decluttering Lessons Learn from the Decluttering Bible which can give you a glimpse of the method. I suggest that when you have the courage and inspiration to really clutter clean to simply just do it, don’t fight it. Put on some groovy music and take as long as you need to get rid of the items that don’t bring joy to you! In time it will allow you to open up new spaces within yourself that you never know that you even had! It’s like seeing something new in the moment. 

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