The Power of Positivity

New Born Chick
Let your thoughts flow past you, calmly;
keep me near, at every moment;
trust me with your life, because I
am you, more than you yourself are.
~The Bhagavad Gita

Lately, the power of thought has been with me with the concept of manifestation of abundance from the heart. Perhaps, it has to with the amazing and wonderful soul delicious course I just finished with Melissa Boyd on abundance tied in with my time in the woods at the Dharma Center in Western Massachusetts. The power of the moment, taking it each and every moment is where the real beauty lies. Have you ever wonder how the heck to get out of a state of lack? I know that I have. I’ve been teaching myself how to fly these days more than ever. I’m at the point in my life where I’m sick of creating the same old same old repeating robot pattern. I’ve always have known that I have a great gift locked inside of myself, but I have to go deep into my own self to see where this lies to seek out the knowledge of the true self for me, not what my family, friends and society wants me to be. Unfortunately, in the West we live in a mundane world where we are told that we have to be the best of the best whether it is a card carrying member of a certain club, to what camera to have, if we shop at the big retail chains to what institution will serve our needs best. It’s all about the outer label that we are told to have. It’s like come on really, that’s not what the ancient wisdom has taught us. It’s more about the moment and how we act in it that I’m rediscovering. It’s like getting multiple presents in a day. You can either react in that fear base same old repeated egocentric programming or you could act from a place of grace and love. The real key here is that I’m discovering is to come from a place of already having things and when you say the wish or prayers to get it comes from a deep heart centering feeling of abundance and gratitude. It’s just about kicking it up a few notches. To increase the love vibrations I enjoy cutting out the negative outside forces, call on my spirit guides for help, silent mediation, listing to music, spend time in nature, yoga, being around animals, japa mediation, surround myself with friends and burning some Palo Santo. But love is your inner state; it’s not an outside force that’s what is being taught in each moment of our day. The wisdom to unlock the kingdom of heaven lies deep within not in the forces from outside. As below, as above, as around it’s all comes from within deepening the wisdom of your own heart.

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