The Teacher Lies Within...

I just love the quote from Ram Dass, “Treat everyone you meet like God in drag.” Everyone whom you come into contact with each moment by moment of the day has a message for you. It’s all about tuning inwards to hearing it. Things might not actually seem what they might seem. It’s once when we loose the mental drama of our own minds can we actually see past the illusion of separation.
Lately, I’ve been thinking about the “teacher energy”. I don’t mean the label of that I’m a teacher, per say that I have a piece of paper claiming that I have a degree, but more the fact that I have a gift for really helping others out. I’m starting to really see this. The signs have been there all along for me to see it; recently my mother has been telling me how she keeps on hearing how great I’m through her friends and people whom she comes into contact with or the fact that I can see that people really do light up when they see me. I’ve been saying to myself that my inner work is really working. Oh, yes the inner work of sitting with myself by meditation and listing to myself by tapping into my higher self, God, Uni-verse or what ever you would like to call it energy.

I just tend to pop up at the right moment from time to time to really reach out. Spontaneous right action as some would call it. The other day I was having coffee with a dear old friend. Before we actually got to catch up, a beautiful moment aroused when we got talking to someone else. The conversation led me to reach out to help this person and her son by sharing with them my own personal experience of dyslexia and educators and not “fitting in”. I was happy to have the chat and knew that I really reached out to them. I shared with them that the battles that I faced during my schooling and that I knew that my intuition or “inner knowing” helped me to overcome it. I was grateful that I had the courage to reach out and to share my own experience as a source of hope. I was able to use some of that “woo woo” energy as in taking a holistic approach to reach out. My intuition leads me to start to channel certain things from animals and art therapy to help out besides more advanced energy healing work. Honestly, I felt a great sense of joy from reaching out. The teacher lies within. It really does. Just showing up and helping another out when the moment lies really is a gift within itself.

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