Listen to Silence...

"Om-The highest sound vibration of the planet"
“And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius”
~The 5th Dimension
Lately, the subject of silence has been on my mind. Maybe, it has something to do with the new energies emerging with the “Age of Aquarius” becoming to take effect and the fact that this a “#9 Year” and that everything that once work, is no loner. Old systems are falling apart. Can you see it with the upcoming election in the States and the decision of Great Britain to withdraw from the EU?  I kept on thinking of the Sex and the City episode where Charlotte goes to the acupuncturist and the acupuncturist tell her to focus inward when she can’t seem to get silence during her treatment, no matter what she does.
For me, I will admit that the world seems a lot different to me after those 9 ½ days that I spent into silence. I’ve picked up on this emergency global energy for years now. Of course, I’ve read A New Earth and Stillness Speaks from Eckhart Tolle and not to forget one of my favorites Be Here Now by Ram Dass. I don’t need to channel a guru or something outside of me for the answers, since I’ve always known that I have used my intuition as my advantage over the years despite what got told of my limitations, most notably with my learning obstacles.  I just find myself questioning myself lately is what it really comes down to. I tend to question myself to see if what is going on with the outside world is really true to me any more.  A friend of mine said, “Sis, that’s growth” when I got into this type of conversation when I took photos of his newborn that I share the same birthday as. We just got into the conversation of how the worlds of parent’s values are much different than our own and being a creative.
 I will give myself credit for taking the leap to quitting situations that don’t feel right to me from the inside. Listen to your body, it’s a great teacher; if your body is in knots from going to a place than it is unhealthy to you, listen to that. Screw listing to if someone else is pressuring you to stay or that voice in your head that is holding you hostage.
“The space between
The tears we cry is the laughter keeps us coming back for more
The space between
The wicked lies we tell to keep us safe from the pain
Will I hold you again?”
~Dave Matthews Band
Stop trusting all of those “Agent Smiths” looking to change Neo since they want to make you into a mold of something that is false from the real sense of your true self. Find your uniqueness and let it shine. Take a break from the world. You don’t need to be watching the news while eating dinner or buying all those clothes you like since you scored a hot deal on them to get that picture perfect J Crew model Cape Cod look. Oh no, those are just distractions to you from hearing the space. Look inside and see what is calling you. You have a greater purpose than just to get a paycheck and live in the confines of society. Remember that you are a creator and can co create your own reality, not someone else. The creator that is within is a powerful force. Some have used it badly from their thoughts and others have gone on to create amazing things! Look at ways to create a more abundantly fulfilling life. On that has time spent with friends, causes you believe in, seeking out the world to travel it, finding your muse, anything is possible, it really is.
“Take sometime with yourself
Think about something else
If you cannot be thankful
For what you got
Cos take a look around
It is all so beautiful
So what the hell is there to worry about?
Worry about, worry about...
There's no need to worry
Run around in your scurry
All you got to do is believe...
In the universe
Cos this man it always works
All you got to do is release...
All your expectations
In any situation
All you got to do is see...
That it's all taking place
In it's own grace
All you got to do is believe”
~John Bulter Trio
"Look out for the feathers and remember that you are evolving into who you are meant to be"
I’ve learnt over the years that it’s your thoughts that really need to be monitor. All you got to do is simply to let go of the ones that no longer serve you and to put into practice ones that are higher vibration. It does take time and it’s rather an art to creating the beautiful you that you are meant to be. From my own personal experiencing of dealing with anxiety and depression tied in with negative thinking, it’s been a challenge that’s for sure. I have learnt that the way to break the habit of the “monkey mind” is by using positive affirmations with “I am” and then the positive words. It all comes down to the power of believing the words to make them true and to creating the life of your dreams.
“Do you believe in magic?
In a young girls heart
How the music can free her
whenever it starts”
~Aly & AJ
Believe in magic, believe in a force greater than yourself that you achieve anything and it’s all at your reach. Believe! Trust the path that your are on are the one that it allowing you to grow into who really are in this world. Keep on walking your path and that all that you go to do, besides giving attention to all those things that you once gave a f*** about!

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