Loving Ourselves?

There comes a time in life where you start to honor your own self love. Imagine a society where we didn't give away our power to others and wonder if those we gave away our power to are ok. What ever happen to teaching others to love themselves first, rather than wonder if who we choose our own self love is upset at us? It's not right to be asked if so and so was ok with your decision, flip it around and say are you ok with your decision. We must stop being a victim to how other treat us even it's a form of abuse or not. It doesn't matter if the abuse is verbal or physical or sexual. We must stop being a victim of our pain and suffering. What have you done to be a parent to yourself? Treat yourself with loving kindness, is the first step to heal your pain. Allow your love for yourself to radiate outward from your own action of loving yourself first!

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