Send Love & Light!

Grateful for the ones who do reach out! When in doubt send love and tell them that you are thinking of them! You really don’t know what they are dealing with, we all got our own wars against the spirits...It doesn’t hurt you to do a simple act no matter how busy you are! Really, it doesn’t! We need to increase our love light and keep it on! The world needs your special gifts, everyone else is taken, stop pretending to be someone else and live your authentic life a claim the power of your heart! 

Reach out to friends, family, loved ones, and those you don't know! Some are feeling unappreciated and happily forgotten. Be the light and help them to see that they matter in your life, even tho this may be difficult for you to say and do. Show them that they matter in this world and much greater than their own inner blocks of seeing how great they are. Spread the love! 
These images are actually for sale as part of my Soulful Seer Affirmation Card Decks, which can be found on my Etsy shop at: and on my Society6 shop at: Time to shine bright!

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