In Bloom

In Bloom as the title of the Nirvana album. As we work through the muck and mess we become strong enough to bloom into a beautiful flower.     
“Things shift. Things change. We let go of the old and stumble toward the news. And resentments crop up along the way. People become angry with us for changing; we become angry with them because we believe their experiences have unjustly impact us. Resentments are trick little things, devious little devils of energy that block and damage our souls and hearts. They tell us they’re justified. They tell us we need them to protect ourselves. They tell us we’re not safe if we release them, if we send them packing. Those are lies, illusions that keep us blocked, stuck, and often quite uncomfortable. Go deeper into yourself. What do you feel underneath the resentment? Betrayed? Hurt? Ashamed? Embarrassed? Left out? Forgotten? Misunderstood? You're safe now. Go ahead and feel whatever you need to feel. Honor and recognize your gentler, softer side-those feelings that make you feel vulnerable, those more tense feelings hiding behind, underneath, or to the side of the resentment. Feel and release your resentment. Feel the feelings underneath it, too. You’ll become clear. The resentment will dissolve. And you’ll return to love."
 ~Melody Beattie 

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