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"The world as we know it is a projection of who we have been collectively, and the world will be different when we collectively change.

What can seem like even the smallest personal awakenings can go viral in a larger field of consciousness, changing cultural and political dynamics in ways we can’t see but we can subtly feel. Pretty soon we’re going to have a chance to put 2020 to bed, and the most important question now is who we’re going to be heading into 2021. Not just what we’re going to do but who we’re going to be. The quality of our personhood going forward will be as important as the quantity of our data.

I notice small places in my life where I have remained stuck, places where I told myself it wasn’t really any big deal, now coming up for me in ways that I want to break through. It’s like every aspect of our lives needs to be opened up to further growth, light, room for love. There is no unimportant part of life. We can no longer afford to be less than all that we can be, individually or collectively. We must think of ourselves, each one of us, as having an extremely important role to play in how human history unfolds now – because we do.

Every day should be dedicated to preparing the vessel that is our mind, body and spirit to contain and transmit the highest energies. None of us can afford to play small. A giant in each of us has been cooped up for too long. Unlock the cage that has kept you bound. Believe in yourself by believing in a power that is in you but not of you.

We have a world to save and we can do it together, at one with the higher power within ourselves and the love within each other. We’ve all prepared for this and the hour is now.

Go forward in confidence and faith that you’re here to do what you were born to do,  everything you need in order to do it will be provided, and what lies ahead is pure peace and joy. Help others to feel that way too, that they’re important and they can rise to the occasion. Our miracle is like a diamond in which all of us are a facet of light.

Praise what has been and give thanks for what is coming. Hallelujah. Praise God. Be happy. Amen."

~Marianne Williamson 

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