Power of Affirmations


"On a personal level, being open and sharing things can be very useful. Because of this I can make friends more easily. It's not just a matter of knowing people and having a superficial exchange but of really sharing my deepest problems and suffering. And it's the same thing when I hear good news; I immediately share it with others. So, this is how I feel a sense of intimacy and connection with my friends." ~ Dalai Lama

I've been making Affirmation Cards from my photographs. They do work. I have two decks all created and designed by myself from love. I have paired messages from the Divine/Spirit to my photographs. Each deck comes with a Rose Quartz too. Use them to start your day or any part of the day where you need a message for the Present Moment. For more information please send visit my Etsy site! With Gratitude!

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