Roots of Trauma

Beautiful piece about trauma and the importance of trauma work even in adulthood.

"We often subconsciously set people up to hurt us in ways we were hurt as children. If someone is ignoring you, ask yourself if someone important ignored you when you were a child. If someone is rejecting you, ask yourself if someone important rejected you when you were a child. If someone is not supporting you, ask yourself if someone important failed to support you as a child.

The original trauma was usually in childhood, and what’s happening now is a reenactment of it. The important question is, “What do I do now that might make it more likely that people will act out that  drama with me? What behavioral characteristics did I develop that now ensure this drama will continue to repeat itself?”

Going back to the original incident or incidents, feeling the grief or sorrow yet refusing to blame those who in 90% of cases would’ve done better if they had known how to, we release ourselves from having to reenact that drama. We allow Spirit to be the medicine that heals our heart in that place. And we become free of the past at last.

It’s as though when the original trauma occurred, wires got crossed in our brain and from that point forward we didn’t know how to express our love and get our needs met in that particular area. We developed personality characteristics that appear to be defects but are really just expressions of the wound. So seeing the trauma, feeling it, accepting it, and most of all surrendering it to God, we are free to start over, to be different, and to experience our life untainted by the traumas of the past."

~Marianne Williamson 

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